A Day with British Mike – An Erotic Bedtime Story

A Day with British Mike: An interracial threesome to remember

British Mike had arrived in the US ready to explore new territory with an erotic goal in mind. Instead of renting some luxury hotel room to fulfill his escapade he decides to rent out a large home from a vacationer for the week. As he sits at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading his tablet he searches the local dating sites to stroke his interest. Coming across a profile featuring two young sexy females the black Brit starts licking his lips. “Well now, what a wonderful way to start the morning,” he said.

So British Mike took a few pictures to send over to the ladies with the intent on meeting up for brunch. Being that they were online at that moment the females decided whether or not to respond. “Shannon what do you think, should we go?” “Yeah Tessa let’s message him back.” After the young women viewed pictures of Mike’s long horn they answered him back. “We would love to see your black cock in person,” the ladies replied. British Mike messaged back that he would send a car for them.

Shannon and Tessa got ready for their visit and within an hour the car arrived to pick up the girls. “Oh my gosh, Tessa he sent a limo.” Shannon still looking outside as the chauffeur walked to the ladies door. “Shannon, don’t be so obvious, get out of that window.” Tessa opened up the door. “Good morning Miss Shannon, Miss Tessa your ride awaits,” the chauffeur said as he extends his arm towards the limo. The ladies walked out of the house trying to play it cool but inside they were giggling like two school girls. Minutes later they pulled up to a big house on the hill. “Oh this is going to be fun,” Tessa said. The chauffeur helped the ladies out of the car and then they walked up the stairs to the home. Ringing the doorbell in a nervous fashion they didn’t know what to expect on the other end. Mike yells out to the ladies, “It’s open.”

In their short skirts and crop tops the girls undressed each otherWhen the ladies walked inside they followed the sound of his voice. British Mike was sitting at an island that was in the middle of the kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice. A buffet of food was laid out as if he was hosting a sunrise party. “Would you girls like a little brunch?” Looking over his shoulder as he talked to the women they saw that he didn’t have a shirt on. “Well now that sounds delicious,” Tessa said. Shannon added, “Actually I would love to taste some of your brunch.” The tall lover stood up from his stool and so did his long selfie stick. Shannon’s and Tessa’s eyes got big once they saw British Mike’s full frontal view.

He walked over to the ladies and kissed them passionately. Then he led them into the master bedroom that had a comfy fireplace. The young brunettes looked around the large room as they walked towards the sliding glass door. “Nice pool,” Tessa commented. “Ladies I’ve showed you mine now let me see yours,” he mentioned. In their short skirts and crop tops the girls undressed each other. Leaving nothing on but their blue and red knee highs, the two chicks held hands waiting for the ebony lover to ravage their bodies. British Mike licked his lips as his eyes veered off towards the bed.

The lovely beauties bent over on the mattress with their ample bottoms up in the air. Mike grips their asses letting his long fingers slip in between their cracks. Giving the babes a poke fest really loosens up their juices. The close friends stood up, holding each other while kissing. British Mike slides their knee highs off and then he gropes his two new arm candies. With each chick at his side they turn up the heat by licking all over his rock hard chest. Tessa’s tongue goes down south to British Mike’s long cock. Grabbing a fist full of Shannon’s hair, he leans her back to taste those sweet lips. As he pulls back from her, Mike moans from Tessa’s incredible head service full of swallowing expectations.

Shannon eases her way down watching the dark sausage going inside her best friend’s mouth. Feeling antsy, Shannon strokes her kitty kat as the corners of her mouth moisten. British Mike pulled the girls up quick ready to feel their flesh. Lying on their stomachs he inserts his big black cock into Tessa’s warm pussy. “Uh, yes fuck me.” Shannon leans over shoving her tongue in Tessa’s mouth. With her wet hole being drilled he clutches Tessa’s waist pulling her towards him. “Oh yeah, yeah!” she yells. Shannon turns her attention to Mike’s third leg. “I got to put my mouth on that chocolate stick,” Shannon said in a breathy tone.

She caresses Tessa’s ass with one hand as she pulls his cock Shannon’s mouth opens wide feeling Mike’s wet tongue enter inside of her.into her mouth with the other. The munching that Shannon gives Mike was sloppy and nasty. A glob of her spit overflows her mouth and drips down on the bed. “Oh, your mouth is amazing,” Mike blurted out. He suddenly had a craving for some vanilla cream on top of a muffin. Flat on his back, Tessa takes over in sucking his cock. Shannon stuck her sweet buns on his face while Tessa licked his lengthy pole. Shannon’s mouth opens wide feeling Mike’s wet tongue enter inside of her.

Tessa sits on his dick. The trio’s pleasures grow with every erotic minute. Mike’s long tongue jabs in and out of Shannon’s ass crack while he fingers her clitoris. Soft kisses between the two ladies continued during their enticing embraces. Shannon’s hands guides Tessa’s waist helping her to bounce up and down on British Mike’s rod. “Yeah fuck me with your black cock,” Tessa yells. Shannon works her hands back up to Tessa’s tits and gentle pushes her back. Then she licks around her nipples pushing her ass even further into Mike’s face. He lifts up his pelvis, making sure Tessa feels every inch of him as he licks Shannon’s asshole. In the midst of all of this amours activity Tessa informed her partners, “I’m cumming!”

British Mike’s penis was soaked with Tessa’s juices. Mike slowly thrusts upward and Shannon bites on Tessa’s neck forcing her to pull back. As Tessa grabs her hair, she was out of breath from her vagina work out. Mike gives Shannon’s butt a smack and then she gets up. Tessa falls back on the bed and Shannon gets in between her legs. Pressing her breasts up against Tessa they begin to kiss as Mike gets behind Shannon and slides his cock inside. His dark meat pounds her pussy while grabbing her tits. “Ohh, fuck me, yes,” Shannon yells. Tessa’s tongue licks down Shannon’s spine and then she grabs her ass. Watching Mike’s long cock push its way into Shannon was absolutely delicious.

So she begins to lick at the top of Shannon’s asshole while the big johnson was going in. Tessa’s tongue rapidly twirled up and down the anus forcing Shannon to give way from all of the excitement. Now with her chest lying flat on the bed British Mike didn’t skip a beat. He continued to bang her hole until she starts running upward away from him. “No no, don’t run from me,” he told her in his deep voice with a heavy accent. Shannon didn’t want to cum quick so she was trying to hold back until it exploded all over Mike’s dick. “Oh your dick feels so good!” But he still didn’t let up on Shannon, not until she begged for mercy.

After getting the young beauty to moan loud he moved back ready to cum and Tessa was there to catch his sticky sauceAfter getting the young beauty to moan loud he moved back ready to cum and Tessa was there to catch his sticky sauce. Mike’s moans and groans were turning the women on. While Shannon regrouped Tessa licks cum that was left on his balls and swallows it. Mike bites his bottom lip enjoying the low hanging view of Tessa’s blow job. Once again he helps Tessa up and guides her to lie down on her back. With one of her legs up Mike pulls Tessa towards him and then dives in. It was written all over her face when he begins to drive Tessa wild with a circular slow motion move.

Shannon was by Tessa’s side watching in awe as the sounds of cream pie wetness were being played out. Mike lies on top of Tessa and the three of them engage in a three-way kiss. Shannon likes watching Tessa’s and Mike’s bodies move up and down. She goes around to the back wanting to get more of an intimate look. Playing with her nipples she watches British Mike’s cock mash down on Tessa. Since he was moving slowly She took it upon herself to give Mike a rim job. Shannon’s tongue licked from the top of the guy’s crack and wiggled down to his balls. With Tessa’s legs pinned back like a pretzel Shannon was able to taste the two of them at once.

As Tessa’s pussy gets wet from cumming again Mike pulls out of her. Shannon cleans up Tessa’s cum and Mike wanted one last go round with her. He lies back down and Shannon rides him backwards. Tessa caresses Shannon’s tits, licks her nipples, and rubs her stomach. Bouncing on his cock she leans back feeling his pole thrust inside of her. Shannon looks lustfully over at Tessa while Mike plugs her vagina. The sweat drips off of her chest and Tessa was happy to oblige by licking it up as well. Then Tessa’s fingers walked down towards Shannon’s pussy to touch her love button.

She quickly yells out that she is about to cum as her knees bend towards each other. Once Shannon’s nectar flowed out Mike’s penis slowed up. Since British Mike was ready to release his load he lifts Shannon up. The two women kneeled down in front of him and he painted their sweet innocent faces with his heavy sauce. The three of them passed out in the bed and British Mike enjoyed his young treats. He leans his head up as each woman was on his arm. “Do you girls still want some brunch?” The ladies didn’t respond for they were fast asleep. With a big smile on his face British Mike was pleased that he got to taste some American pussy.

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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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