A Solo Invasion – An Erotic Bedtime Story

A Solo Invasion: A lingering dream can awaken your desires

Melonie was lying in her bed tossing and turning from all of the steamy action that she was having in her dream. The covers were moist with her sweat as the thoughts of big cocks, soft lips, and tongues cross her mind. Gripping the sheets, Melonie’s eyes were closed dreaming about an attractive guy licking her pussy. She screams out yes while rubbing her legs together. The exotic restlessness proves to be too much for the young chick. She wakes up out of her sleep looking unsure as to what was going on.

The images in her vivid dream felt so real that she didn’t know if she was still sleeping. Her partner in sexual crime was as amazing as he was gorgeous. Feeling anxious, Melonie decides to go into the kitchen to cool off since she was in heat. She speaks out loud, “Damn, the images felt so real in my head; I could smell his cologne.” “Maybe I need to get something to drink to take my mind off of that sweet fantasy.” Melonie thought her imagination took her to a nasty place where tongues meet among other things. Body parts mashed up against one another had the horny girl biting her lip.

With a dry mouth she got her cup out of the freezer and poured herself some water. Melonie had a sexual hang over that didn’t seem like it was going away any time soon. Wiping the sweat off of her forehead she guzzled down the water until she reached the round ice that was in the bottom of her cup. Her vagina begins to pulsate relentlessly waiting to be touched. She sucks on the ice hoping it would cool down her growing libido. But instead of being cooled down she was hot more than ever, especially between her legs. “This isn’t working,” she said in a frustrating tone. Then she looked at the ice and wondered how it would feel to rub it across her lower extremities.

Lying back on the couch Melonie lifts up her long sleeve gray shirt and begins rubbing the frozen water on her navel.A warm sensation festered inside of her body spreading to all of her sensitive areas. Even though Melonie rarely masturbates she feels compelled to explore herself. She heads into the den with the ice to feel the coldness on her flesh. Lying back on the couch Melonie lifts up her long sleeve gray shirt and begins rubbing the frozen water on her navel. Trying to control her raging desires was a force that was increasingly becoming a handful. While the wetness was streaming down on her sides, Melonie slips off her red panties. Setting her vagina free she feels the cold leather couch on her bottom. Her hand slides the piece of ice down her thighs and then to the vulva.

Twirling her clit, Melonie leans back with her eyes closed allowing the water to drip into her natural wetness. She thought it was a good thing that she was home alone today. However, enjoying a nice cock would have been great as well. The guy in her dream came to her mind again as her fingers begin making their way all over her body. She sticks her fingers into her mouth and then twists her nipples. They were indeed hard from all of the special stimulation. Heavy breathing was accompanied by her mumbling words of ecstasy. “Yes, that feels so good,” she said.

Melodie’s clit along with her womb were throbbing. With every gentle caress from the damp motion caused the young woman’s vagina to get juicy. So much so that she rises up from the couch just a little bit ready to have a finger invasion. After the ice melts, she uses her middle finger to jab in and out of her pussy. Flopping back down on the couch her finger begins to provide a much needed release. Continuing to lower her inhibitions, Melonie takes one of her hands to spread open her pussy lips as she digs deeper inside the hole.

The fire below had already been ignited and now the beautiful female was enjoying putting out the flames. Moving faster and faster Melonie’s index finger joins the teasing. She begins to sweat again so it was no surprise when she removed her shirt. Creaming over her fingers felt incredible. Although cumming once was effective, it still wasn’t enough for Melodie’s kitty kat. Her vagina still wanted more and she couldn’t stop until she finger fucked the lust out of her cum dripping pussy. The adrenaline kicked in and erotic moans left Melodie’s mouth so loud that it was impossible not to hear her.

She raises her legs high in the air tapping on her vag as if she Legs spread wide, she dives in feeling the rush. “Yes, oh yes,” Melonie yells.was spanking her pussy with her fingers. Melonie was being led by her lustful intentions because she starts to slide off of the couch with her eyes still closed. Legs spread wide, she dives in feeling the rush. “Yes, oh yes,” Melonie yells. Her ass was hanging off of the couch while she was on her tippy toes. Going to town on herself she realized how much she had deprived her vulva. Wetness oozed out as she begins to cum again. Releasing high pitched squeals another finger makes its way into her sweet spot.

The pleasure was so great for Melonie but still not erotically overwhelming. Intending to self-please from every angle, Melonie bites her lip again as the sexual aspirations continue to take a front seat. She bends over on the couch with her ass in the air and her face pressed down sideways. With majority of her fondlers now in sync, she was trying to reach the highest climax possible. Blood flows to her head as Melonie gets high from all of the masturbation. She darts in and out using a brisk force motion. Clenching her pussy walls, Melonie squeezes her fingers while lowering her round bottom. Riding her hand she moves up and down gasping, holding her breath, trying not to cum too quickly. The petite brunette definitely enjoys self-penetration.

The craving for cumming outweighed Melonie’s natural calm demeanor. She switches hands, hanging over the arm of the couch still giving herself the doggy style treatment. Melonie goes so deep to the point where she starts fisting her pussy. The young flexible female really moans as she pounds away. Even though she never fisted her pussy she was definitely eager to try it. The passion continuously stirred up inside of her allowing Melonie to see nothing but the color of seductive red. Melonie’s anus starts to jump and with the lubrication being so thick she decides to go for double penetration.

Her thumb inches up to her anus while she jiggles her pussy lips. Melonie was so oblivious to the pleasure that she ignored the squirting that was done on the couch. Suddenly, a wave of ejaculation came crashing down. As her vagina was overloaded with cum Melonie’s asshole was in heat. Feeling every nerve or sensation Melonie continues to plug her thumb in and out of her ass. Wiggling into her tight bum, she wanted to explore anal territory. “Oh shit!” Melonie screams out holding her breath. She clutches her chest grabbing her tits and squeezing them hard.

Hot, wet, and sticky, she closes her eyes salivating over the horniness she allowed to escape from her being.Convulsing, the anal switch had her cumming, but this time from her ass end. Melonie spreads one of her ass cheeks open during the seductive probing. She moves her waist around, “Oh yeah that’s it,” she said. Then she collapses on the arm of the couch from her third orgasm. Shaking from the intense pleasure Melonie turned over on her back officially feeling worn out. Hot, wet, and sticky, she closes her eyes salivating over the horniness she allowed to escape from her being. Alone with her thoughts, Melonie couldn’t believe that she gave such a hardcore performance. As the euphoria swirls in her head she finally calmed down enough to catch her breath.

Softly walking her fingers around her nipples she begins to think about that gorgeous guy again. A wet dream may have started the intimate sessions but her hand jobs definitely ended the yearning. Getting hot all over again she exhales, itching for her fingers for the last time. “I guess one more time couldn’t hurt,” she blurted out loud. Melonie peels herself off of the couch and rushes to her bedroom. Her fingers were amazing and she wanted to continue the sexual bliss. She didn’t know if it was the guy that was making her so horny or if she just really enjoyed playing with her wet muff. Whatever it was that came over her she was certainly swept away.

She opens up her night stand grabbing the dildo that makes her cum the hardest. Lying back on the bed, Melonie spreads her legs ready to insert her toy. Her telephone starts to ring so Melonie looks up wondering who could be calling her at this time. Picking up the phone she immediately begins to smile from ear to ear. The guy from her wet fantasy called. She mumbled under her breath, “I must have dreamed him up.” He was very eager to stop by her house for a visit. Although Melonie really wanted to see him in all of his naked glory, she looked over at her dildo and then her fingers. “Adam, why don’t you stop by tomorrow,” she suggested.

He agreed that tomorrow would be better as well. Melonie would have loved nothing more than to have Adam coming over to clean out her vagina box. Having unfinished business to attend to she decides to put her dildo up. Melonie imagined that her fingers were Adam’s hands. As Adam was about to get off of the phone she lied back on the bed and stopped him. “Tell me something nasty.” With Adam providing the verbal stimulation Melonie begins to repeat her enticing “Solo Invasion.” Cumming in record timing, she officially satisfied every desire. Adam’s vocal inspiration and a few fingers finally quenched her thirst.

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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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