A Stiff Cup of Joe – An Erotic Bedtime Story

A Stiff Cup of Joe: Wakeup sex and coffee are both steaming hot

Quinn walked into the house and entered the bedroom where Joe was still asleep. Anxious to get him up in more ways than one, she brings him a cup of coffee. “Joe, I brought you something,” she said while sitting on the side of the bed. Opening up his eyes, Joe sits up and takes his cup along with a kiss. The couple’s lips linger on top of each other. As Quinn rubs his hard bulge Joe’s black briefs push outward. He takes a deep breath while being turned on by his lover. With the sexual tension turning up, Joe pulls back the covers and Quinn takes off his underwear exposing his cock. “I want you to pop my cherry,” Quinn said in an innocent tone of voice.

Joe spanked the side of her thigh and responded, “I’m going to pop more than that.” The dark haired chick scooted down to dick level and wrapped her lips around his meaty pole, tasting every inch. Eager to please, she stuffs her mouth, slurping Joe’s balls inside. Giving his low hanging fruit a little tug, she licks from the bottom of the base to the top of his cock. After staring intensely into his eyes, Quinn takes off her shirt. “You are so sexy,” Joe told Quinn as he leans over to kiss her on the neck. So turned on, she grabs his dick squeezing it while her hand moves in an upward motion.

Her nipples gently touch his chest after he pulls her closer to him. “I want to taste your perfect ass,” he demanded. Quinn paused for a second and then she seductively push towards him, resting her lips on his. Before she gave him the pleasure of sampling her sweet cakes, she continues to munch on his cock. Finally taking her hand off of his penis, the sexy beauty lies across her lover’s lap. In her cut off jean shorts, Quinn slightly raises her ass up, ready for a spanking. Joe begins to caress, grope, and kiss her on the back.

The foreplay really starts to set ablaze when Joe spreads her curvy bottom apart.Getting even more turned on with each touch, Joe slaps his bare hand across her bottom and Quinn lets out an erotic moan. “I promise I will be a good girl,” she tells him. Her ass cheeks begin to turn red and he replies, “You have been very naughty.” On her knees, he pulls down Quinn’s shorts to kiss the love taps and taste the brunette’s rosebud. Wiggling his tongue deeper into her hole, she bites down on her lip holding in her sex grunts. Joe’s saliva seeps down into Quinn’s pussy making it juicy as he continues to tease her private parts. His fingers gently massage her clit and then he slides it inside of her vagina. Twirling them around in her wetness, Quinn moans uncontrollably. The foreplay really starts to set ablaze when Joe spreads her curvy bottom apart.

Chewing on Quinn’s butt like a delicious snack, his mouth kisses the back of her thighs along the way. He rushes to take Quinn’s shorts completely off to eat her yummy vagina. Tasting the juicy temptation, “I love you on your back,” he tells her. Then the rock hard stud spreads her pussy lips and fucks her with his tongue. He dives in deep as she moves her hand back behind her head. With her eyes closed, Quinn moans softly, breathing heavy as her body jerks from the tantalizing stimulation. She grabs the hair on his head, leaning up and looking at Joe passionately.

As he looks in her eyes Joe takes one lick and said, “I want my tongue to melt in your pussy.” Quinn’s eyes roll in the back of her head as she falls to the pillow, sighing on the way down. After licking her into an orgasm he tells Quinn to sit on his dick. So she gets up and he lies down on his back. The sexy brunette gives Joe a little impromptu strip tease dance by rolling her hips. With his legs spread, she gets in between them and gently brushes her lips across his cock. Straddling him backwards, she rides his pole, screaming out his name.

Bouncing up and down, Joe holds Quinn’s thighs to guide her pussy on his cock. Pumping upward, he grabs her waist squeezing hard and trying not to cum because her wet muff was so warm. “Oh, baby,” Joe said as he sits up grabbing Quinn’s breasts. Their bodies were covered in sweat and Joe kisses Quinn’s back while playing with her clit. She leans over her shoulder to kiss Joe’s lips. As the couple’s tongues dip in and out of their mouths, they lie back in bed but this time over on their sides. Stretching out her leg, he bends it back towards Quinn while sucking on the nearest tit. Her moans begin to get louder from the pounding pleasure that he was giving her.

“Yes, Joe fuck me!” Forcefully yelling out don’t stop, “Yes, Joe fuck me!” Forcefully yelling out don’t stop, she moves her hips twirling around her pussy. she moves her hips twirling around her pussy. Grabbing the back of her neck, Joe thrusts faster and faster, “Yes, yes, I love you Joe.” Touching foreheads, Quinn slowly grabs his lips by using her mouth to suck on them. When Joe slowed his sex rhythm down, he pulled his dick out of her cunt. Stroking it, Quinn immediately slides down to suck his meaty boner. Joe grabs her hair, fucking the young cutie’s mouth. Afterwards, he leans his head back, moaning and grunting from Quinn swallowing his cock. Pushing her head down a little more, she starts choking on his hard sausage. Gagging and spitting Quinn milks his penis forcing Joe to yell out fuck yeah. “I love it when you’re eating my cock.”

Stuffing her mouth with one ball and then the other Joe almost lost his load. He leans his girlfriend up laying her slightly on her side while he rams her sweet hole. Fondling her clit the two of them impulsively kiss again. “I want you from behind,” Joe said in a low sensual voice. Quinn smiled at him and before she could get up Joe grabbed her perky tits. Softly, he squeezed and kissed them while he was on top of her. Following the outline of her perky tits with his tongue he then proceeds to ease down to her navel.

Quinn squealed, looking at Joe surprisingly because licking her belly button was her hot spot. Exploring her body with his tongue, he licks both of her sides. Quinn felt so revved up that she glides her finger nails across his back and shortly after Joe picks her up. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she slides her pussy down onto his cock. In the air, Joe raises his sexy chick up and down a few times before putting Quinn back on the ground. She turns around, bending over with her hands planted on the bed. Looking over her shoulder Joe smacks her on the ass.

Crawling on the bed slowly she touches her pussy, teasing him once more. With his tongue hanging out, Joe licks his lips and bends down to suck on her clit. He couldn’t resist dipping his fingers into her wet vagina. Quinn’s gushy goodness spews out covering his fingers. “Mmm you taste so sweet,” Joe replied. Putting his weight down on her he plows her hot box from behind and she loves it. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Quinn yells out in a moaning huff. Joe lightly wraps his hand around her neck as he nibbles on her earlobes. The feeling of his breath touching her ear had Quinn grabbing at her nipples. She sticks her middle finger inside of her mouth and then circles around her areola.

With his amazing stamina, Joe held back from releasing his jizz juice until he made sure that Quinn was satisfied. She had already let go once but was ready to scream in ecstasy again.Joe pulls his hard cock out of Quinn’s pussy to play with her. When he slaps the head of his dick up against the crack of her ass she moves it around. Searching for his third leg with her vulva she pulls it inside of her. Joe grabs Quinn by the hair pounding her into submission. She flops down on the bed with her legs shaking and he ask, “Are you ready for me to quit?” Quinn repositioned herself, breathing hard and responding back, “Don’t stop.” With his amazing stamina, Joe held back from releasing his jizz juice until he made sure that Quinn was satisfied. She had already let go once but was ready to scream in ecstasy again.

He continues to drill her from behind as his balls swing back and forth, bumping against her skin. “Ride this dick for me,” Joe told her. Moving his cock like a stick shift, he was ready for her to take a seat. Then he lied down on his back so Quinn could pounce on him. Looking into his eyes, she moves her hair over to one side prior to kissing his chest. Her tongue rolls up from his chest to his neck as she softly bites down. Gyrating her pelvis in slow motion, Joe closed his eyes while enjoying the pleasure. The passion play was going into overdrive and Joe was ready to cum.

As he stopped Quinn’s motion he lifts her up and she squirted all over his joystick. Moaning in excruciating pleasure as her juices pour out, he quickly said, “Suck my cock.” She bounces off of his rod and took it inside of her mouth to finish him off. Sucking and stroking, Joe’s moans started to gain a lot of volume. He moves Quinn’s head back and she opens her mouth wide, itching to drink his cum. Finally exploding, he let go all over her face and she swallowed it up. His head fell back on the bed and Quinn lied on his chest.

“Your cock is still the best,” she said to him. “Am I better than your other boyfriend?” “Yes so much better,” Quinn answered jokingly. Embracing each other, Joe had is hands on her ass cheeks while her inner thigh brushed against his balls. She traces his nipples with her finger tips as they continue to talk about the love they just made. “You know, I should make you a cup of coffee more often,” she commented. With his dick lying to the side he looks at it and then back at Quinn. “Oh yeah, well maybe you should get started on that second cup.” Quinn smiled and jumped out of bed. She runs into the kitchen and a few minutes later Joe followed her. Sitting on the counter naked with her legs crossed she passes him a cup. “Here you go Joe, nice and hot.”

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