Ballerina in Overdrive – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Ballerina in Overdrive: Chocolate lust is not just about candy

Prancing around in my lacey deep blue leotard I feel the sudden urge to touch my hot spot. Since I have a performance coming up this weekend I need to recharge my batteries immediately. Usually, I would treat myself with a piece of candy that melts in all the right places, especially on my tongue. Getting on the phone, my vagina starts jumping a bit wondering what is on the menu for today. “Hello, do you have any chocolate today?” Asking the person on the other end of the phone made my mouth water. She replied to me in sultry voice, “Oh yes, we have plenty of chocolate today.”

After hearing the great news, I stood on my tippy toes and gave a flowy twirl around the living room. Hiking up my leotard, my ass cheeks are hanging out and I can’t help but to look over my shoulder. Sometimes I like to look at my body in the mirror and fantasize about tasting my delicious candy. While in a lusty daydream I hear a knock at the door and it startled me. Instead of covering up I rush to the door wondering who was standing on the other end. “Hi, I’m here with your order.” The guy was tall, black, and dressed in all white with a muscular build. Holding up a bag full of goodies, I told him to come in so I can get my wallet.

Walking back into the front room, I held up the money to pay for my order. “That didn’t take long at all.” I told the guy with excitement in my eyes. “Well we believe in not keeping the customer waiting,” the man replied. After the guy puts the money in his pocket I sat on the couch and he joined me. As my eyes zeroed in on his large package, I felt a tingling sensation. I was so curious about the delivery guy that I had to ask him, “What’s your name?” The intense look that he gave me was pure heat and worthy to be explored. With the delicious treats in his hand he tells me, “My name is Rodman.”

He stands up to drop his pants and a heavy chocolate stick pops out.“Well Rodman I’m Olive and I want you to drop that bag. He spreads my legs apart and unsnaps the leotard that meets in the middle of my crotch. Exposing my pussy, I immediately thought this is shaping up to be a sweet delivery. His long fingers dip inside of my yummy hole poking through the juicy walls. “You have a pretty pussy,” he tells me. I start to help him with my stimulation by diddling my clit. “Oh yes,” I said. He stands up to drop his pants and a heavy chocolate stick pops out. Moving towards me, the corners of my mouth begin to get moist. The sexy dark hunk slaps his cock on my clit to excite me.

“I want to feel that big black cock deep inside of my pussy,” I mention to him teasingly. He rubs his long bishop up against my clit allowing me to feel every inch of his dick. “Oooh, if you keep this up you might make me squirt,” I mentioned. Playing with me, the guy pulls back and leans down to insert his tongue. Licking from my clit to the opening of my pink box, he thrusts his tongue inside of me and I let out a moan of relief. While he was kissing my pussy lips I begin to gyrate, feeding my yumminess to him. “Ah, you are the best delivery man ever,” I raved to him with my eyes closed.

The man eats me like whip cream on top of cherries, forcing my wetness to stream down to my inner thighs. Helping him out of his shirt, as if he needed it, I stroked his hard bone as he pulls off my leotard. Both of us stood completely naked touching each other. “I bet you are real flexible,” Rodman commented. Lifting one of my legs up, he fingers my vagina with full force. “Oh yes, Rodman!” I yell to him enjoying his lengthy fingers. So hot from my pulsating wet muff, he causes me to drop down to my knees. Opening my mouth wide, I stuck my tongue out to tease him. Instead of me licking Rodman’s cock right away, he flirts with me by tapping that meaty sausage on my tongue.

Then he pulls it away and immediately my mouth moves towards it, chasing the big mushroom head cock. “I want to taste it,” I said to him as he shakes his joystick from left to right. Finally feeding my urge, he stuffs it in my mouth. “Thank you,” I said with a full mouth. Sucking on him with an erotic vengeance, Rodman leans his head back as his manly moans are stroking my ego. “Oh yeah, suck that dick.” “Mmmm, you definitely know what you are doing,” Rodman admits to me. Gobbling it up, my oral entrance was overflowed by the fullness of his pole and yet I still wanted more.

Almost bringing Rodman to an orgasmic spill, he pulls back and stands me up. After letting me know that he was not ready to cum yet Rodman picks me up and I can feel the heat generating off of his body. Kissing my nipples with his soft lips had them standing so firm that if you were to barely touch them my pussy would purr. “Ahh, Rodman I want to feel your big dick,” I said while moaning loud. Wrapping my legs around his waist, he slides his cock inside. Bursting out a yes, Rodman moves my pelvis up and down in the air. Holding on to him, he thrusts upward as our bodies begin to sweat from the pleasurable hotness.

“Fuck me hard,” I said to him in an ordered fashion. Rodman was more than ready to fulfill my craving for black cock.“Fuck me hard,” I said to him in an ordered fashion. Rodman was more than ready to fulfill my craving for black cock. Pounding me in the air, my hands grip the back of Rodman’s neck tight. Continuing to drill my hole, our foreheads were pressed together and the front of my blonde hair was completely drenched. “Ah, your pussy is so good,” Rodman informs me. Then he flips my slim body upside down while kneeling on the bed. “Oh fuck, lick my pussy!” Screaming like a banshee in heat, I was in a downward plie position with my toes meeting over his head. It was almost like I was already on stage by using an enticing move with my legs. I opened them wide, essentially doing a horizontal split on Rodman’s tongue.

Flexible as I can be, my body gyrates towards his mouth and Rodman dips in and out nibbling along the way. Sucking out my cream filling, my limbs get weak and I fall to the bed. He tasted me like he missed me but we never met before today. Rodman’s tongue was so magical that I almost shed a tear. “Do you want me to stop?” When he ask me that question I wanted to say no but my lips couldn’t form the words. Munching relentlessly, I had to put a stop to it before I pass out from tongue euphoria. “Fuck, please slow it down Rodman,” I mumbled. Feeling like I want to run away from the best orgasm ever, I started to squirm.

He pulls me back to him and from behind Rodman sticks his thick jackhammer inside of me. My eyes swiftly shut from the erotic sensation. “Yes, yes don’t stop.” All of Rodman’s pumping made the juices stream out as I beg him to keep going. “I’m going to fuck your sweet hole deeply,” Rodman spoke softly in my ear. The cream pie between my thighs was melting on his dick and all I could do was whine like a little girl. His penis was massaging me to the point where my pussy was talking. “I like how that sounds Olive.” The way he said my name with his deep sexy voice makes me want to fall in love.

Rodman insisted that I call him daddy and when I playfully refused his penis digs inside my love hole a little more. “Ah, your cock is stretching my pussy!” Yelling in ecstasy, both of Rodman’s hands was on my ass, pulling me closer to him. “Call me daddy,” he said while pulling on my hair. “Oh daddy I want your chocolate.” After submitting to his desire Rodman humps me so fast and hard that he leaves red marks on my ass. Soaking up his black cock with my warm body fluids, Rodman moans. As he reaches for my tits, Rodman’s hands crawl to my nipples where he tugs. Is it wrong to enjoy the kinkiness of him pulling and twisting my nipples?

Rodman drops a puddle of cum in my mouth and it leaks out to my chin. Swallowing it all, he raises my head up and his body starts to jerk from a multiple orgasm.The moment the question crossed my mind it was answered instantly with a sensual groan. With all of the stimulation that Rodman was dishing out it forces me to lie down. His weight covers my body as he kisses my back. Moving downward, his tongue ends up in the crack of my ass. “Oh, yes chew that ass daddy.” The muscle bound man leans up and I could feel his long rod lying in between my cheeks. Looking over my shoulder he taps me on my honey buns so I could turn over. Once I was off of my stomach, Rodman took control. “Yes fuck my tiny pussy!” The words flew out of my mouth so easy.

Pushing my legs back towards my chest, I can feel his long bishop in my stomach. When his wet rod met my fruit bowl the sexual exhilaration created an explosion inside of me. Watching it go in and out of my hole I can’t believe my petite frame is taking in such a huge cock. Yearning like my pussy was hurting, but in a great way, Rodman knew what buttons to push on my body. He fucks me like I am in need, “Tell me you want it,” he said. My voice was going hoarse and my body was getting weak. Unable to speak at that moment he bounces in my pussy faster. “Tell me you want it!” “Oh yes I want it!” After I confess my desires to Rodman, he was about to cum.

Wanting to feel it in my mouth I got back on my knees so he could finish. I figured it was the least I could do for the incredible climax he gave me. Humping slowly, he grabs my head, steadily moving it. “Fuck, Olive.” Rodman drops a puddle of cum in my mouth and it leaks out to my chin. Swallowing it all, he raises my head up and his body starts to jerk from a multiple orgasm. Getting dressed, we sat back on the couch and he picks up my bag of candy. “You did say you like chocolate right?” Feeding me a piece I felt dizzy from the sexual high. “Can’t you tell,” I replied. I am so glad I got my dark fix from my favorite candy shop.

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Written exclusively for Maximum Erotica by: Amazinglyflawed
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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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