Delightful Desires – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Delightful Desires: A sexy birthday surprise

Curiosity was getting the best of me and I wasn’t surprised when I finally decided to act on it. Getting close to my best friend was awesome and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. On the phone with her, “Jenny, just bring it over.” She told me very sternly. “Kia I have to go into my mom’s liquor cabinet without her noticing.” After going back and forth with Kia, I finally gave in to sneak into my mom’s alcohol stash. Rushing out of the house my adrenaline was pumping. Once I made it in one piece to Kia’s home she had a few choice words for me. “About time, I almost sent out an APB on your ass.” Kia was not only beautiful but she has a great sense of humor.

“Obviously there is no need to be alarmed; I mean you are not even dressed.” She invites me in with a towel wrapped around her body. “Um, have a seat and give me a second to put on some clothes.” Moments later Kia comes out looking like a dark hair sunshine Barbie. Holding up the wine I look over at Kia and she said, “You look so cute I like that love shirt.” “Thanks it was a part of my birthday present,” I told her. “Oh yeah that’s right, it is your birthday today,” she said before passing me a cup. Sitting on the couch I popped open the bottle, turned it upside down, and took a big gulp.

Shaking my head no to the cup, Kia put them both down. “Let me take a sip,” she said. After giving her the bottle she walked away and brought back a tray with two cups of tea. As we were stirring, “So how was your day?” Kia asked in a refined tone of voice. Not knowing what to do next I raised my eyebrows and shrug my shoulders. We burst out laughing. “You can’t even pretend to be sophisticated for like two seconds,” Kia said. Pushing the tea out of our way we passed the bottle between us getting drunk. “So how does it feel to be nineteen?”

“I thought I would have bigger breasts by now.” “Oh Jenny your breasts are fine, they go with your perfect shape.” Lying back on the couch, I looked up at the ceiling, turning the bottle up once more. With my eyes closed I felt some wine spill on my neck and I quickly jumped up. “Oh shit,” I said. Kia who was leaning back relaxing as well asked me what happened. A little buzzed, she didn’t even flinch when I hopped off the couch. “I hope I didn’t get anything on my shirt.” While I was twirling around like a dog chasing its tail I noticed Kia was staring at me. “What is it, is something on my shirt?” Kia reached her arms out to me and I assumed she wanted me to pull her up. But instead, Kia pulled me in closer to her.

My tongue came out of my mouth, wrapping around Kia’s nipples.She kissed my lips and I never felt something so soft. “Wait, where is your mom?” I was so nervous I think I just asked Kia that because I didn’t know what to say. While giving me sweet little pecks on my neck, “I told you she is out of town.” My voice got higher, “Oh, um, ok.” Kia pulls down her dress, exposing her round pretty tits. I was in ah of them and before I knew it I gently touched her breasts. They felt just as soft as mine and it didn’t hurt that she smelled so good. My tongue came out of my mouth, wrapping around Kia’s nipples. As her mouth fell open, she let out a few heavy breaths. Switching from one nipple to the other I could feel them getting stiff. “Take off your shirt,” Kia whispers in my ear.

Obeying her command, I took it off and Kia leans towards me to give me a kiss. Slowly, her tongue licks my lips and I could feel my pussy getting wet. “Oh, that feels so good,” I told Kia. Moving down to my pointy tits, she begins to suck and I nearly lost it. Stopping her, I couldn’t believe that we were about to do this. I dreamed of this moment but never knew that Kia felt the same way. Taking off her dress, Kia was completely naked. My eyes scanned all over her body and landed on her yummy vagina. Petite and shaved I had to touch it.

Without thinking, my fingers gently caressed her wet spot as she yearns with anticipation. Just across the threshold, I start to finger fuck Kia. She begins to moan a bit, “Yes, give it to me.” Going in and out, I wanted to fuck her until I felt the gushiness squish between my fingers. “Oh yes, don’t stop,” Kia yelled out to me. At that moment my only focus was to concentrate on making her feel good. Wiggling my fingers deeper, her pussy begins to contract, squeezing on them. Chewing on my fingers like a wet mouth, when her juicy grip releases more of the creamy goodness seeps out. After touching Kia I got so hot that I was about to melt. Revving me up, Kia seductively stares at me and my panties got sticky.

I never went down on any one before but my tongue led the way. Kia’s legs were wide open as my fingers played with her clit. Moaning in lust, I closed my eyes and drilled Kia’s pussy hole. She tasted like strawberries and I was eating her up. Tongue kissing her lower lips, she grabs the couch and moans. “Oh Jenny, Jenny, yes,” Kia yells out. “I love your mouth.” She declared that I was the best head she ever had. So excited, my cheeks were blushing and I was smiling. Being a newbie to vagina munching I really wanted to impress her. Pushing Kia’s legs back towards her chest I licked from her taint up to her pussy.

When I licked in between her inner thighs Kia would I wanted her to cum on my fingers so my pussy pokers picked up the pace.jump a little bit. “Oooh I am ticklish right there,” she informed me. I bit her thigh and the sexy brunette starts to moan loud. The mix of ticklish pleasure was not only making Kia jerk but her pussy juices was oozing out. Heavily stimulated, she begs me to stop hitting her spot. Although I really wanted to stop torturing Kia I got so turned on watching her body move. Sticking my fingers back into her luscious labia, she turns to the side. I wanted her to cum on my fingers so my pussy pokers picked up the pace. “Yes, yes!” She couldn’t stop moaning and then I pulled my fingers out.

“Take your shorts off,” she said to me while rubbing my stomach. “Kia, I don’t know.” “I mean, I’m.” She cut me off before I could finish my thought by kissing me. Placing her index finger on my lips, “Jenny you are beautiful, smart, and I just want to be with you.” I lied down and slowly lifted my legs up and Kia removed my jean shorts. She drops them on the floor and I smiled at the brunette beauty. Barely touching me, Kia walks her fingers down my leg and then she spreads them. “Nice panties,” she mentioned. Her tongue licks my inner thigh, making its way to my pussy.

Putting her mouth on my panties, Kia blows softly teasing my clit. No longer could I hold in my moan. My kitty kat was jumping and I wanted Kia to stick her tongue inside of it to calm down the urge. My wet muff was dripping as I moved my pelvis up and down in heat. Kia wasted no time removing my panties. Kneeling down, her fingers separated my sweet lips and then she licks. Releasing the tension I was able to relax my muscles. Kia started at the bottom of my pussy licking her way up to my clit. Munching, twirling it around, and fingering me I moaned so loud from the pleasure. While her tongue moves like a jack rabbit I thought of my pussy being like a bowl of milk that Kia was slurping up.

“Ahhh, I’m about to cum!” It’s not like I was trying to announce it but the words flew out of my mouth. Kia was catching all of my cum, especially when she stuck her tongue down in my hole. “Yes Kia, lick my pink spot.” She jiggles my clit with her fingers, forcing me to moan even louder. When the tempo slowed, she stuffed three fingers inside of me. Then Kia climbs on top of me and we begin to kiss. Pumping her fingers in and out, my body was moving around provocatively. As I was squeezing Kia’s breasts, she moves them up to my mouth. Smothering my face, I was milking Kia’s nipples like a newborn.

She bumps her hot box up against mine and I love how it felt. As she continued to grind on me, I stuck one of my fingers in my mouth and slipped it the crack of Kia’s ass.I could feel her hot pussy on my stomach and it was purring. She pulls away from me and starts kissing my neck. Her mouth moves down my body touching all of my spots along the way. Shortly after licking in my belly button her tongue was in my pussy once more. I grabbed her head unconsciously, trying not to wrap my legs around it. “Jenny you taste so good,” Kia said when she looked up. Sweating from all of the sexual magnetism, Kia slides up and down on me. She bumps her hot box up against mine and I love how it felt. As she continued to grind on me, I stuck one of my fingers in my mouth and slipped it the crack of Kia’s ass.

“Yes, stick it in my ass.” Her clit was getting real wet with each finger dig. Then Kia got on the floor and propped one of my legs up while the other hanged low. Sucking on my clit, she slides in two fingers and I hollered. I grabbed my tits and the orgasmic explosion created the arch in my back. It was like my pelvis had a mind of its own and it was feeding itself to Kia. Twisting my nipples, I let out a squeal as the warm fluid flowed out of me. Kia ate me out as if I was her favorite dessert that she couldn’t get enough of. Coming back for seconds and thirds, the leg that was on the ground was shaking.

I moaned so much that my voice was getting hoarse. She finally let me off of the hook and came up for air. Lying in between my legs Kia kissed me and I felt so high. I was out of breath from all of the moaning. “Did you like your birthday present?” “Of course I did,” I raved to her. Lying in each other’s embrace, “I know you never did that before but you were terrific,” Kia said. By that time I had quickly fell asleep because my best friend had worn me out. After she kissed every part of my body Kia said to me, “Happy birthday gorgeous.”

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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    In this Erotic Bedtime Story, two girlfriends become a lot closer when a birthday and some wine helps remove any inhibitions ♥

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