Erotic Expectations – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Erotic Expectations: Some birthdays are unforgettable

Today is Colton’s birthday and he has no idea what I have in store for him. As we sit on the bed doing laundry, or more like me folding clothes while he watches, we talk. “So what do you want to do on your birthday?” “I don’t know sweetness, maybe catch a movie.” “Colton we can see a movie anytime, it’s your day,” I said while rubbing his face. “Alright Roxy, whatever you want to do on my day I’m here.” I continued to fold the clothes with a big smirk on my face. Colton and I have been together for 4 months now. Although the sex is amazing, I’m thinking about spicing things up.

I wonder if Colton thinks since I am a few years older than him that my kinky side is on the low end. But, then again, he knows that I have a need to experiment every now and then. As I was putting the clothes up in the dresser, Colton was making up the bed. Closing my eyes for a moment I begin to Fantasize about the upcoming pleasure to the point where my panties got a little wet. Without a thought, I crossed one of my legs as I stood by the dresser, wanting to soothe my throbbing clit. Colton quietly walked up towards me, smacking my ass. “What are you doing,” he asked. I guess my awkward pose gave him cause for concern. “Oh I was just daydreaming,” I told him.

After getting everything put away I hopped in the shower and got ready for work, or so he thinks. Walking into the living room all dressed, Colton was sitting on the couch watching TV. “Hey Colt I’ll be back in a little bit,” I said before kissing him on the lips. Stopping at the door, I yelled out to Colton, “Your surprise should be by later!” Once I left home I put my plan into motion. Since I had a few hours to kill I decided to go to the lingerie shop to buy a few sexy outfits. Colton is going to jump out of his pants when I get back.

As I walked in the room the two of them were so lustfully engaged with one another that they didn’t hear me come in.  I sat on the couch across from them with my legs crossed.A couple of hours had passed and Colton got a knock at the door. Standing on the other side was a beautiful blonde. Oh how my man loves blondes, of course not as much as me. “Hi, can I help you,” my boyfriend asks. “Are you Colton?” “Yes I am,” he said in a curious tone of voice. “Well you have an appointment,” she told him. Thinking that this was the surprise I had set up for him, my sweet gentleman let the hottie inside. “So, are you here to give me a birthday massage?” The blonde nodded her head yes and slowly walks into the living room.

“My name is Chanel by the way,” she said while patting the sofa encouraging Colton to sit down. “Just lay back and relax.” He closed his eyes and Chanel begins to caress his bare legs. She tells him nice shorts while quietly undressing. Chanel climbs on top of him giving Colton a passionate kiss. His hands begin to find their way all over the slim blonde’s body. It was at this point when I made my way home. As I walked in the room the two of them were so lustfully engaged with one another that they didn’t hear me come in. I sat on the couch across from them with my legs crossed.

Chanel looked up, “Oh, you startled me.” Colton had a big smile on his face until I said, “What is going on here Colt?” “Roxy what do you mean, isn’t this my surprise?” I stood up looking upset walking closer to the young lovers. They quickly moved away from each other as I sat on the couch with them. Looking shocked, I leaned over Chanel and my stern face lit up into a relaxing smile. I couldn’t wait to pull down Colt’s shorts. My lips were itching to wrap around his big cock. Chanel managed to slide underneath me, “Mmm, your cock tastes so delicious,” I said to Colt. The blonde joined in licking around the base of his dick as I nibbled on his tip. Slowly, my tongue darts in and out of his pee hole, milking his slit. Colton grabs our hair with his lips curled up.

His aggressive moans sound so sexy, forcing my vagina to jump uncontrollably. Chanel’s soft lips kissed the corners of my mouth. Her tongue wiggles up against mine making my nipples hard. Colt and I begin taking off her clothes as our hands explored Chanel’s alluring curves. She hiked up my skirt, squeezing my ass and Colt couldn’t help but to watch. As he continued to stroke his long member my pussy was getting gushy in my panties. I sat on the couch pulling Chanel towards me. Chanel sat her naked body on me and both of our legs were spread wide. I thought to myself, let the fingering commence when I slipped my middle finger deep inside of Chanel.

The ravishing of the young blonde prompted Colt to strip The ravishing of the young blonde prompted Colt to strip down to his hard bone. Thrusting his big dick into Chanel’s yummy vagina unleashed erotic yells worthy of soothing Colt’s appetite.down to his hard bone. Thrusting his big dick into Chanel’s yummy vagina unleashed erotic yells worthy of soothing Colt’s appetite. However, the birthday boy’s hunger is one that is not easily contained. Pumping her tight hole, Colton looked at me with an everlasting desire just waiting to attack my pussy next. Pulling out his cock, my significant other pulled my panties to the side and splashed deep inside of my womb. “Oh yes Colt fuck me into submission,” I yelled out. My finger resumed its playful tactics of touching Chanel’s hot box.

Drowning out the skin slapping sounds that Colt was putting on my body were the soprano tones from us girls. The extreme pleasure led to my boyfriend ripping off my shirt and bra. Once he pulled back from our feminine clutches, the professional cock slinger laid back on the couch. I pulled off what was left of my clothes as Colt grabbed Chanel’s arm. “I want you to ride me.” Eager to get her cunt filled with some hot creamy candy she hops on his penis. “Oh, oh yes, fuck,” Chanel shouted. Completely nude, I got behind Chanel and my hands fondled her skin until they came to a complete stop.

In the groove of her small waist my hands lifted her up and down. I whispered in her ear, “Do you like that?” The closeness that was being displayed between Colt and Chanel made me want to touch myself. I sat on top of the couch anxious to feel my clit watching the slow motion gyrating session. “Oooh, Colton you look so sexy,” I mentioned. “Oh Roxy I love you,” he said while lifting up Chanel by the ass. His cock may have been in her but his eyes were focused on me. “I want you,” he mumbled. Chanel slowed her bouncing and got off of him. Now it was my turn to take the seat of pleasure. As I was riding him backwards the blonde beauty sat on top of the couch kissing me.

“Roxy your lips taste as good as you look.” With my head leaning back and my palms firmly planted on Colton I stuck my tongue out for Chanel. Colton leaned his head up telling Chanel that he wanted to suck her pussy. My man has lots of stamina, but his hot liquid finally succeeded when it aimed for my vagina. Colt lets out a savage moan and I shortly followed. Then he went on lapping up Chanel’s cream that dripped on to his lips. My knees were a little weak when I tried to get up after cumming on his long pole. Still hard, it was time for my sexual sister to take the helm.

Stroking Colton’s cock, I stuffed it inside of Chanel. She raised her head to the ceiling letting out a sigh of infatuation.Stroking Colton’s cock, I stuffed it inside of Chanel. She raised her head to the ceiling letting out a sigh of infatuation. As his pelvis humps upward my mouth starts to water, dying to soak up the juices with my tongue. I kneel down in between his legs gently tugging on his balls. Colton brought his fierce pumping to a standstill, allowing me to tickle him with my sucking. Pussy juices dripped down to Colt’s full sac and my mouth was anxious to catch it. “Ohhh damn,” he yelled out. I came to a sudden stop, giving him time to collect his thoughts before pulling his cock out of Chanel. “Colton I want you to cum in my mouth,” I told him seductively.

Then I shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. Afterwards, I eased the thick rod back into Chanel’s sticky spot. She couldn’t help but to moan from the constant plunging that Colton was giving her. Being mesmerized by the motion I grabbed his penis to put it back into my mouth. Colton leaned forward squeezing Chanel’s breasts trying not to cum. “Yeah, you like that Colt?” His hand gripped Chanel harder which kept the flame burning down in her loins. He nods his head saying yes in response to my question. Once again, I pushed his cock inside of her as if it was my strap-on impatiently wanting to fuck.

Chanel placed her feet on his thigh ready to ride the rest of the cum out of Colton. As the young femme fatale dropped her pelvis down on him she squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles. Colton was hanging in there as best as he could and I unfortunately didn’t make it any better. My tongue stood still while Chanel bounced up and down feeding me her clit. She screams out, “Don’t stop, yes don’t stop.” A surge of energy charged through my body feeling the pheromones in the air. It was only a matter of seconds now before my boyfriend’s penis explodes.

Once Chanel started to slow down I begin to finger her clit while Colt continued to pump her up. I kneeled back down in between Colt’s legs and smashed my breasts up against their genitals. The juices covered my nipples and that is when Chanel yelled out as her cum slides down his dick. Before she decided to get off of her wild ride, I munched down on her clitoris sucking out what was left inside of her. Expelling Chanel of all of her fluid immediately tired the poor girl out. Now it was time to finish off Colton. When she got off of him I gobbled up his dick sucking him until he popped. Colton filled up my mouth and I stuck my tongue out drenched in cum before swallowing. “Happy birthday baby,” I said while kissing his lips.

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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