Jazelle’s Day Off – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Jazelle’s Day Off: But her hubby has other ideas

Jazelle enjoys a book on a beautiful day as she sits on a lounge chair. Wearing a black bikini, the cool breeze flows through her hair. Totally unaware of her admirer watching her by the pool, the guy’s cock begins to grow stiff. His eyes focus on her breasts and move all over her body. Unable to control his sexual desires anymore, he walks outside to talk with his wife. “Good morning,” he said to Jazelle. Leaning forward to give her a kiss, she replies, “Morning love.” Pretending not to see his bulge, Jazelle immediately turns her head and continues to read.

Axel grabs her hand and places it on his cock. “Are you really going to pretend that I am not hard?” Smiling, Jazelle puts her book down and stands up, ready to escort her husband into their home. “Wait a minute,” Axel tells her. “What’s wrong?” Jazelle ask him with a look of concern on her face. Then he picks her up unexpectedly and said, “That’s more like it.” Axel lifts Jazelle up and down while kissing her chest. “You are so naughty Axel,” Jazelle comments in a sultry voice. Lip locking, he carries her into the living room. With so much chemistry flowing through their bodies, Jazelle’s hot box begins to get a little creamy.

Axel let his wife know before laying her down on the couch that he wants to taste every part of her. She gives him a slight moan, feeling the cold leather hugging her curvy bottom. He starts with her toes, licking in between them and follows upward towards her honey spot. Taking his time, he removes her bikini panties. When he gets them off he sticks his finger in her pussy and then he tastes it. Teasing her along the way with nasty words, “I want to make you cum until you get tired.” She leans her head back and closes her eyes when his tongue reaches her yummy cunt. Letting out a heavy breath, she yells out oh yes.

Grabbing on her busty chest, he picks up steam with his mouth, lapping up her vagina.“Mmm, I see your kitty likes that,” Axel said. Sinking back on the couch, Jazelle caresses the top of Axel’s head while he lifts up one of her legs. Gently, he rubs his lips across her thigh and then chews on her clit. “Oh, oh yes,” she happily moans. Slowly licking, Axel’s tongue finds itself going deeper inside of Jazelle. Her nipples poke out of her bikini top, calling to him. He reaches up, pulling down the black bra, exposing her big round tits. Grabbing on her busty chest, he picks up steam with his mouth, lapping up her vagina. The juices start to overflow and Axel slurps Jazelle into obedience. Her legs wrap around his head which really turns Axel on. He picks her up and her wet muff faces him, dripping down his lips.

Treating his wife like a delicious ice cream cone, Jazelle squirms trying to get down. However, Axel didn’t let her go until she squirted in his throat. When he finally allowed her feet to touch the ground she could barely stand. “You licked me like you missed me,” she said out of breath. “Well, you shouldn’t be so luscious,” he replied as he walked behind her. Squeezing her ass, Axel kneeled down to kiss the back of her legs before spreading her ass cheeks. In one swoop he licks from the bottom of her crack to the top as he was stands up. “Oooh, I want to suck your cock.” When he faces Jazelle she pushes him down on the couch yearning for his hard wood.

With his penis in her hand, she licks from his balls, to the shaft, and up to the tip. Munching on the head of his cock, she chews on it as if it was cherry flavor bubble gum, without the teeth. Her blowjob forces Axel to curl his lip with his eyes closed while fondling her breasts. Pushing her head down, Jazelle loves making him moan, especially since she has a deep gag reflex. Axel’s ripped and fit stomach was contracting while he was breathing hard trying to hold back his cum.

Feeling like he was about to explode on her tongue he quickly grabs her head to make Jazelle stop. “Whoa, you are sucking so well,” he whispers. She starts talking in a soft baby voice which drives Axel wild. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to get you hard.” Sticking her finger in her mouth, his wife twirls spit on his pee hole. Then she stretches it with her tongue, milking Axel until he moans loud. He lets go inside of her mouth, clasping her jaws. Jazelle swallows her husband’s sweet fluid, but instead of Axel’s penis going soft it stays stiff. “Get on top of me,” he said. She hops off of her knees and onto his cock. Falling back on the couch, the couple held each other with a tight embrace.

As their genitals were connecting Jazelle was moaning. Then she drops her vagina down, pouncing on his long pole.Axel grips her waist to push her pelvis down, aiding in the bounce motion. He definitely enjoyed the warm gushiness that was between her legs. She plays with her man by rising upward with her pink snatch barely touching his dicks head. Then she drops her vagina down, pouncing on his long pole. While she gyrates, he gives off a very low and masculine laugh. Thinking to his self what a lucky man he is, Jazelle knew all of his hot spots. Not able to get enough, he pulls her closer to him again smothering his face in her breasts. Sucking on her nipples, she asks him, “Are you hungry?” He looks up at her and nods yes.

She lies down and Axel takes another lick around her vulva before sliding in his joystick. With her legs on his shoulders he pumps Jazelle full of his man meat. Yelling out, her hands glide across his shoulders. He pins her legs back, pounding away, forcing her to grab at him aggressively. “I love you Axel.” Jazelle repeated to him in a seductive fashion. Looking into her eyes, his body moves faster, satisfying his urges. Quickly, he shuts his eyes, trying his best to hold in the load that wanted so badly to shoot out.

The fast humping came to a slow roll as he moves his hips in a circular motion. Axel’s big cock churns inside of Jazelle’s pussy. The sexy brunette moans with such passion that it fuels Axel’s ego. Catching his second wind, he begins to pump and pump until Jazelle screams out his name. His hand reaches behind the back of her neck as he leans her head up to his. With their foreheads pressed together, he fucks the shit out of her. Jazelle almost goes hoarse from all of the hollering she was doing. As her tits bounce freely, the sweat pours down from his body dropping on to hers.

He releases her legs from his grip, spreading them wide as he lied on top of her. Taking short thrusts, her body jerks up and her arms reach above her head, grabbing on the couch. Kissing, Axel tells Jazelle that she is so sweet, so sexy. He over indulges on her big tits, letting them fill up his mouth. “I love plowing your tight hole,” he tells her. “Does that feel good?” Axel rhetorically asks Jazelle knowing the answer based off of her body language. “Yes!” She yells out at him repeating that it feels soo good. His hard chest mashes down on her body but she loves the pressure. Moving her hands from off of the arm of the couch to his back, her nails dig in deep.

With no end in sight, her pussy continues to get wet that even Axel commented. “Oooh, you are so hot this morning.”Jazelle acts as if she is marking her territory with the scratches on Axel. In fact, Axel likes it when she gets aggressive. With no end in sight, her pussy continues to get wet that even Axel commented. “Oooh, you are so hot this morning.” Unable to respond due to moaning, Jazelle frantically nods her head yes. He pulls out of her wet cunt that was drowning his penis with her juices. Grunting, he straddles her face shoving his long rod in her mouth. “Ooh, ooh,” Axel blurts out. He slowly moves in and out teasing Jazelle’s throat. Nibbling on his tip, she strokes it up and down, grabbing his balls.

After fucking her face, the couple switches positions and Axel was eager to take her from behind. She bends over with her face lying flat on the leather. Axel stoops down for a brief moment to taste Jazelle once more. “Please don’t stop,” Jazelle cries out. Dipping his fingers in between her walls, he sucks on her clit. Then he mounts Jazelle and buries his throbbing schlong in her wet pussy. Caressing her back, Axel drills inside, kissing her all over. Jazelle pushes her ass into him, wanting to feel the deep pleasure. “Oh yeah give me that pussy,” Axel said as he grabs her hair. He lies on her back, leaning her head up and giving her a kiss.

Jazelle lowers one of her legs to the floor while Axel remains on both knees. She rides him backwards, weakening his position. With his mouth wide open he sticks his tongue out and Jazelle turns around immediately to kiss him. His hands cup her waist, pulling her towards him and at the same time, pumping her pussy. The excessive banging had Jazelle’s head swirling and she was about to cum. She clutches the dark brown seats as her G-spot was being heavily stimulated. Singing like an erotic songbird, Jazelle could feel the crashing flow of her orgasmic juices spilling over.

“Ah, fuck, yes,” Jazelle sexually vents. She falls forward to the couch and Axel flops on top of her as well. Still fucking her, she wanted to tell him to stop out of being overloaded with too much pleasure. But she couldn’t gather the energy to form the words. He thrusts his wife into silence as her orgasm just kept on coming. Finally reaching his second climax, Axel pulls away from Jazelle. She turns over to sit down and wait for his jizz eruption. Axel strokes his cock, focusing on his wife’s eyes. Letting go, he shoots his cum all over her breasts, smearing it in with the head of his penis.

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