Jin’s Hot Oil Treatment – An Erotic Bedtime Story With Audio

Jin’s Hot Oil Treatment: Massage with a lesbian twist

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Feeling uptight for the past couple of days, Jin was need of a great massage. She finds a nearby parlor to visit but didn’t know what to think since it was her first time. As she sits in the lobby waiting to be seen all types of visions come to her mind. She day dreams about being on the table. “Oooh that feels amazing,” Jin said to the masseuse. A pair of old hands rubs on Jin from the lower part of her back up to the shoulders. Then a voice whispers in her ear, “Would you like a beverage with that?” Her head rises up only to see an old man talking to her. The question was repeated, “Would you like a beverage?”

Coming back from her imagination Jin tells the receptionist no thank you. Her face frowns up as she wonders what the masseuse will look like that’s giving her the rubdown. She shakes her head and tells herself, “None of that matters Jin you are here to release some tension.” The phone rings at the front desk and the assistant picks up. Seconds later she said, “Ms. Lee you can go back now.” After giving Jin directions, the customer ends up in a room that was playing soft music with low lights and aroma candles. “This is much nicer than I expected,” Jin expresses. When she was about to sit down a blonde comes in and cuts on the lights.

“Hi I’m Danika and I will be your masseuse today.” Jin looks at the beautiful lady from head to toe in her sports outfit. Hesitating for a minute before speaking, “Hi I’m Jin,” she said in a shy tone. “Well it is nice to meet you go ahead and get undressed for me.” Danika instructs Jin as she stands by the table with the oil in front of her private area. Looking down at the oil, Jin starts to feel nervous about taking off her clothes. “Here is a towel to rest your head.” “We will begin whenever you are comfortable,” Danika said. She unbuttons her pink and white top along with pulling off the white pants while Danika looks away.

After getting completely naked she lies on the table face down and Danika places a towel over Jin’s bodyWhile Jin stands in her pink bra and panties, the sexy massage therapist looks over her shoulder with a smile. “Warm buns,” Danika said. Jin looks confused as she holds up her unfastened bra, “Excuse me?” Turning around to face Danika, “Jin would you like some warm honey buns?” The customer tilts her head, puzzled as to why there was food at the parlor. Danika answers her question as if she was reading Jin’s mind. “Oh we serve wine, assorted cheeses, and always something sweet.” Replying to the question, “Oh no thank you.” After getting completely naked she lies on the table face down and Danika places a towel over Jin’s body.

The masseuse’s fingers start at the heels of her client’s feet and work their way up. “Does that feel good?” Danika asks Jin to make sure she wasn’t putting too much pressure on her limbs. With her eyes closed the brunette chick responds in a sensual way, “Yes.” Once Danika got Jin to relax she moves into the next phase of her oil treatment. “What are you doing?” Jin asks as she raises her head up. “Shhh, concentrate on the feeling,” Danika suggests. Grabbing the oil with one hand while spreading one of the customer’s ass cheeks with the other, the blonde babe caresses Jin. At first she was a little skeptical about allowing a stranger to feel her up.

But after a few circle motions and fingers sliding down the crack of her ass, Jin was along for the ride. Unable to maintain her composure she lets out a moaning sigh, especially when one Danika’s fingers slips into her pussy. “Ah!” Jin loudly utters as her eyes open wide. Going in and out of her hole, Danika pulls out only when her finger was covered in Jin’s pussy juices. Sticking it in her mouth, “Now that is sweeter than the honey buns.” Continuing with mission of soft touches, the back rubber made Jin’s eyes roll up in the back of her head from the titillation.

When she got to the back of Jin’s neck Danika said, “Oh no.” “What’s wrong?” The client asks. “This just want do,” Danika informs her. Then the masseuse tells the lady to kneel on the table as she removes the towel that was covering the lower half of the client’s body. “Is everything alright?” Jin asks while in a doggy style position. “Oh yeah things are wonderful back here,” Danika said before getting on the table. The masseuse wiggles her tongue down Jin’s crack and then stops at the girl’s anus. Getting licked inside of her hole turns the brunette babe on so much that her pussy gushes out. “Oh, yes,” she murmurs.

Going deep with her tongue, Danika gets off the workable surface and positions herself in a different angle to lick Jin’s ass hole. Going deep with her tongue, Danika gets off the workable surface and positions herself in a different angle to lick Jin’s ass hole. Gripping the table, the Asian customer moves her head from left to right, staring at Danika’s gorgeous bottom in the process. “How is the massage feeling Ms. Lee?” Danika asks as she anxiously waits for a response. “Ahh, lick my ass.” Jin’s reply was more than enough for the massager to pick up the pace. Her tongue goes into turbo mode which causes the client to scream. Sloppy wet sounds from all of the munching were so loud that they could be heard on the other side of the door. She finally decides to stop when Jin cums out of both holes at the same time.

“Oh, ooh, yes,” Jin yells. The young woman had to touch her clit after it had been orally assaulted in an amazing way by the hot massage therapist. “Ms. Lee why don’t you turn over for me,” Danika tells her. Jin was a little off balance when she tried to lie down on her back from all of the private area pleasing. With the towel back on her, the masseuse gives the client’s tits some much needed attention. Holding the oil above the lady’s chest, Danika squeezes it out and then rubs the warm lubricant on Jin’s pretty titties. When she moves up to the nipples Jin grabs her arm and pulls Danika close for a kiss.

The steamy lip lock sent pulsating vibes throughout the massager’s body. She immediately takes the towel off once again and caresses Jin’s legs. From the feet to the thighs, Danika spreads Jin’s legs to fondle her clit. Making sure that a client receives the best massage was a gift that Danika loves to share. However during this session she realizes that Jin was something special. It was as if she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to fuck the milky way out of the girl’s pussy. Danika climbs back onto the table and goes deep sea diving with her tongue. The woman’s face was covered in vagina juice and yet she still was not ready to come up for air. Adding two fingers into the mx made Jin want to pull her hair out in ecstasy.

The brunette leans up and reaches over to grab Danika’s head. “Please stop, ahh,” she cries out in pleasure. Danika looks up, “You want me to stop?” Jin nods her head yes and the lady responds back by saying ok right after this. Then she licks the pussy with her wide set tongue, darting it in and out. When Danika comes to a stop Jin shakes from her explosive orgasm. “Ah, yes,” the brunette moans. The customer sits up and helps the masseuse take off her clothes. Once Danika was naked she joins Jin on the table by lying behind her sideways. The ladies kiss passionately and Danika’s finger pats Jin’s vagina while the customer holds one of her legs up.

When the ladies lie down Danika gets on top of Jin as they continue to kiss. Gently bouncing their breasts against each other, the ladies delicate bodies were one.After petting the shaved pussy cat Danika opens the lips and shoves her fingers inside. “Oooh you are going to make my wet lips drool,” the client said. The blonde lets Jin know that is the idea, “I just want to give her pussy some self-gratification.” Craving to put Jin’s tits in her mouth, Danika scoots down and fondles the nipples with her tongue. The brunette reaches back to feel Danika’s soft body. When the ladies lie down Danika gets on top of Jin as they continue to kiss. Gently bouncing their breasts against each other, the ladies delicate bodies were one.

Wanting to turn the tables so to speak on Danika, Jin tells the master massager to ride her face. Straddling the mouth effortlessly, Danika gyrates on Jin’s tongue as the woman holds on to the vixen’s thighs. “Oh fuck!” Danika yells as she leans her head up for a few seconds before dropping it back down. Jin tongue kisses Danika’s pussy, nibbling on her clit. So infatuated with the irresistible stimulation in the form of tickle tongue play, Danika grabs her tits and holds them up to lick on those pink nipples. It was like a sense of urgency had taken over Jin and she had to eat Danika up before it was too late. She was now giving out the instructions to the masseuse. “I want you to lie on your back.”

Doing as she was told, the blonde seducer cooperates with Jin. Taking charge, the brunette female annihilates the pink box until she gets to the sweet spot. “Ah fuck!” The massage therapist wails as her tits bounce towards her face from the naughty movements. Danika almost passed out from all of the sexual excitement as Jin tongue fucks her into oblivion. “I’m cumming!” The sexy blonde yells as she pushes her pelvis into Jin’s mouth. Sitting up, the horny masseuse grabs one of her tits while Jin slips a finger inside of the busty babe. “Ooooh, your mouth feels unbelievable.” Danika manages to let out.

Changing positions, the women went from a solo face straddling to a yummy duo. On top, Jin puts her pussy in Danika’s face while licking the blonde’s muff. The lusty ladies were hungry for one another, licking non-stop. Jin’s breasts presses into Danika’s stomach as they each take turns moaning and munching. “Ah fuck yes!” Danika screams. “Fuck my tight kitty kat,” Jin tells her as she humps the massage therapist’s mouth. After being spread eagle for so long the ladies finally gave way to their orgasms. Lying exhausted, “Whew, I may have to fit this into my schedule more often,” Jin comments with a smile.

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