Moving Day – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Moving Day: This couple know how to make it fun!

Dawn and Matt had been trying to move for what seems like forever into their new home. It had gotten to the point where the high sex drive couple was only having sex once a week. “Oh I am beat,” Dawn said as she sits down in a chair with her well-deserved cocktail. Matt bends down to pick up some more boxes to take them into their bedroom and Dawn looks at him lustfully. She crosses her legs, gently rubbing her thigh as her boyfriend comes back into the living room. With a table and a chair still covered in bubble wrap, Matt notices Dawn as she signals for him to come here.

He stood by the chair playing coy pointing to it and asking her, “Is this what you want?” Dawn shook her head no and Matt smiled at Dawn waiting for her to beg him just a little bit. “Matty come here I want to show you something.” As he walked closer to Dawn she put down her glass. With his crotch in her face, she unties his black jogging pants wanting to get her lips around his cock. Dawn strokes his long dick up and down slowly, “I missed you soo much,” she said to his dick. Matt moves the bubble wrap and Dawn’s glass off of the table. Kneeling down in her black high heel shoes, Dawn wraps her lips around Matt’s cock and sucks.

As her tongue licks every vein that was popping out of Matt’s hard shaft he begins to breathe very deeply. Sitting him down with her mouth, the constant head bobbing was causing Matt to moan aggressively because it felt so amazing. “Baby I love the way you suck my cock.” Without yielding, she deep throats him while cupping his balls. The drool from her mouth slides off of her tongue and then she twirls it on the tip of his joy stick. Slurping it back up, Matt moans even louder grabbing Dawn’s head. Not able to hold out any longer he tells Dawn to sit on his lap.

She turns around showing him her sweet ass while pulling down her panties.She turns around showing him her sweet ass while pulling down her panties. Matt bites down gently on her ass and then he kisses it causing Dawn’s eyes to roll in the back of her head. He slips his fingers in and out of her vagina feeling the moistness. Then she eases down on his big stick as he fills up her wet hole. Dawn’s pussy got so juicy when the long goodie pole entered her body. As she bounces up and down on him getting into the groove, Matt reaches around to finger her clit. “Yes, baby, yes,” she moans out loud. The two of them begin making up for lost time. Hungry for one another, the couple passionately has sex in a fast pace motion. Matt grabs Dawn’s breasts squeezing them as he kisses her shoulders.

She leans back on him while gyrating her vagina all over his cock. “Yeah,” Matt yells as he almost releases his cum. Dawn was definitely using her kegel muscles to reel Matt’s big dick inside of her. He starts to lay back on the table, “Baby I want to see your face.” Dawn mounts him while standing slightly up. He grips Dawn’s ass with his hands pulling her pelvis closer to his penis. The excitement of crossing her vagina threshold is so pleasing that Dawn raises her head up towards the ceiling moaning in ecstasy. After bouncing on Matt face forward, she leans in closer kissing him on the lips.

Her tongue slips out of Matt’s mouth and ends up on his neck where she begins to nibble. Getting revved up, Dawn bounces faster as if her pussy couldn’t take in the penis fast enough. By lifting her sweet middle all the way up to the tip of his bishop and dropping it down makes Matt moan loud. Salivating and assisting, he places his hands on her waist guiding the pussy down his rod. “Oh this pussy is so good,” Matt said. Hearing him say that really fed Dawn’s ego. She lays on him kissing his chest and biting his ear lopes. Matt’s hands leave her waist as they begin to wonder over her body, caressing her chest.

Then he drops his hands down to her pussy lips spreading them apart in order to gently finger her clit again. As always the sensation drives Dawn wild and she moans out ready to cum some more. “I want to taste your sweet wet spot,” Matt said while slightly twisting her nipples. Standing up, Dawn wraps her legs around his waist. They continue to kiss passionately when he sits her down on the table. Matt raises one of her legs and starts to lick her pussy. Dawn grabs his head with her long white fitted shirt twisted around her body exposing her full breasts. She yells out a seductive cry while Matt’s tongue continues to press up against her vulva. Feeling like a cherry that was ready to be popped, Matt’s girlfriend leans her head back once more.

Licking her clean like a professional candy licker definitely Licking her clean like a professional candy licker definitely fuels her libido fuels her libido. Dawn starts moving downward trying to catch his tongue with her vagina. Matt grabs both of Dawn’s legs and slides her further down on the table. With her ass hanging off of the table he continues to smother his face into her tasty delight. Dawn muffles to her boyfriend, “I love you.” Matt looked up telling her that he loved her too. Then he stands up, “Turn around for me.” Without hesitation Dawn kneeled on the table with her ass pointed north. Matt didn’t waste any time plowing into her pussy hole. He fucked her like it was the last time that they were going to see one another.

Grabbing her hair while he pounds her vagina had Dawn yelling really loud. She loved the way Matt would pleasure her in a dominant way. In fact, she craved it. Letting go of her hair he leans on Dawn still pumping as hard as his cock. He didn’t want her to move and the mix of pressure and pleasure reached her G-spot. “Yes Matt, yes, don’t stop please.” “Tell me you want it,” he said. “I want it, I want it,” she replied. A rush of gooey goodness streamed down from her vagina as Dawn exhaled a deep breath. He kept on pumping her full of cock.

Feeling the warm juices of his love just made him want her even more. Matt’s penis was thirsty for more of her cum. Even though her climax was going into overload she still desired more of Matt as well. He pulled out and she sat on the table taking off her shirt while he kneeled down to lick her nipples. Gentle strokes from a wet tongue felt incredible on her tender areolas. The eager tongue made its way down to her stomach kissing all over. After Dawn took her shirt off Matt leans her down on the table with one of her legs on his shoulder. Stroking his jackhammer he inserts it again ready to get lost in her sexual bliss. The rhythm of their bodies produces mutual pleasure. As Matt pumps faster Dawn’s legs begin to shake.

Her first orgasm was still going strong and Dawn’s body wasn’t shy to let her know. As he kissed her calf it only made her squirm even more. “Oh Matt you are so nasty,” she said. He licked the exposed part of her foot that was in the high heel shoe. The couple had been going at it for a long time with no signs of slowing down. In fact, they were trying to tire each other out. “Matt I’m cumming!” Dawn laid flat on the table so stunned from the pussy ejaculation that she was unable to moan. Her mouth was wide open but she didn’t make a sound. The love that they were making had overwhelmed her to the point that her eyes were watering up.

Letting out a manly grunt, Matt releases his loadMatt lied on top of her and they slowly kissed. She wraps her arms around her man not wanting to let him go. “Dawn I could never get tired of making love to you” “Matty that is the sexiest shit I’ve ever heard,” she told him. The power in his loins made Dawn want to confess all of her sins. Matt pulled his penis out of Dawn just a little bit and she gasped when he shoved it back inside. She couldn’t help but to dig her finger nails into his back. The sweat was glistening off of their bodies and Matt who had the buck of a bull begins to slow down. He wanted to make sure that Dawn got at least two orgasms before he let loose in her warm womb.

Letting out a manly grunt, Matt releases his load. He knew that he had completely satisfied Dawn and she returned the favor. Quickly getting on her knees she strokes his hard dick that wouldn’t go down, with her mouth. She had a way with her man’s cock that dubbed her the nick name “The Slurp Queen.” As he sits on the table grabbing her hair she used all of her might to get the rest of the cum out of her lover. He enjoyed when she sucks him off so forcefully that the drool starts watering up the corners of his mouth. The munch down effect was his absolute favorite which always made him cum.

Dawn felt that he was about to explode so she eased off of his cock and stuck her tongue out. With the help of her hands Matt let go again. But this time he painted Dawn’s face and tongue. Being just as nasty as she wants to be, Dawn licks all around her mouth and then she swallows it. Matt sighed at the sight of his beautiful woman and he helps her up. He goes and grabs a wet rag to wipe off her face. The couple felt like a weight had been lifted off of their shoulders which helped them to get back to the move. Matt asked, “You ready to get back to business?” Dawn grabbed her glass that still had some of her beverage left inside of it and sat back down in her chair.

She finished off her drink and raised her glass to him as he picked up a chair that was wrapped in bubble wrap. “I’m ready to get back to the business as soon as you get me another drink.” Matt smiled at her shaking his head and then he put the chair down to get Dawn another drink. When he came back he sat on the table holding her glass. “You have to come get this.” “That is if you are still thirsty,” he told her. Matt poured her drink over his naked chest and Dawn paused for a minute licking her lips. She went over to him, “Well I hate to waste a nice stiff drink,” she said. Her tongue started with his belly button as she makes her way up…

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Written exclusively for Maximum Erotica by: Amazinglyflawed
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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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