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Gone – A Story Of Love & Courage

A strong sexual chemistry accompanied by an inseparable bond is captured in the essence of one couple. The passion that this couple has for each other started from college where the roles were defined between being dominant and submissive. Rebecca agreed to Todd’s request by allowing herself to be tied to a tree. The explosive rush received from letting him take control had opened her up to a seductive new world. A sweet turn into marital bliss provided all of the training necessary to explore their wild side. Late nights of cuddling, hand holding, and lovemaking go over lustfully. More than a physical attraction, the love that the couple has in this movie speaks volumes of authenticity. Audiences will be turned on by the beautiful concept of a profound romance.

The fondness for the kinkier side of things is vividly expressed in the couple’s downstairs sex roomThe fondness for the kinkier side of things is vividly expressed in the couple’s downstairs sex room. Thinking about all of the spankings that have taken place in the adult play room is enough to make a viewer cum to their senses. With the essential high of this film there comes a low that is truly unforeseen. Watching alluring moments of lips brushing across full breasts as the tongue peeks out of the mouth until it suddenly mounts the nipples. The bouncing of a nice round ass being gripped by two large hands as the wetness streams down on a hard cock is the definition of succulent. However, this great love affair only lasts for a season, or so it appears.

Rebecca and Todd are drawn to one another like magnets until one split second of loss reveals a wife’s weakness. The fact that Todd is not around anymore saddens Rebecca to the point where she begins to remove his sex tools off of the pleasure wall downstairs. Calling Todd’s phone constantly just to hear his voice mail had reached an all-time high. As soon as the reminiscing became overwhelming for Rebecca her husband appears. The flame that ignited her fire whenever they came near each other had indeed set a-blaze. Todd helped her up off of the floor, ready to show his love to Rebecca once more. Time stood still as the lovers engaged in a final bondage play. After minutes of incredible sexual execution Rebecca awoke from what seemed like a sweet day dream. She looked down at her wrist, rubbing the impression left behind by the chains when she was being a good little submissive. It was immediately clear that although Todd maybe “Gone” his presence lives on, especially inside of Rebecca.

Gone by has received several prestegious awards

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