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It was a pleasant Wednesday afternoon when I decided to spend my free time on the bench of at the gardens by the bay in Singapore. I kept looking at the people passing by me. I had been doing this for some time then as people watching had always been one of my favorite past-times. Almost every weekend I visited this garden – it was close enough to my home to walk. Its location by the Bay with crystal clear waters fed by the Straits of Singapore makes it alluring attracting many visitors during the weekends.

On weekdays, it is often very secluded and a great place to escape from the stresses of Singapore life. Every time I visit this garden, I sit on the same bench. It was my favorite one with perfect views and now carries some sentimental, and dare I say erotic value. Did I ever think that I would be getting to experience my own best sex story in Singapore, Never? Would I have guessed that it would be the exact spot where I would experience the most exciting sex of my lifetime, Of course not? But I did, and here is my story!

It all began when an incredibly beautiful girl passed by me. She was alone, looking flawless and well-groomed with a typically fair, porcelain like complexion. Her big brown beautiful eyes were accentuated by her petite face and long straight brown hair. She was slim wearing a short tailored skirt that accentuated her shapely legs. As she passed me by I could not help but admire her rounded bottom enhanced by the tightness of the brown skirt. She stopped, turned around and looked at me and without a word walked back and sat down on the bench opposite me.

I could not keep my eyes off her and her beauty filled my lonely heart giving me feelings of warmth and dare I say a touch of wildness. I was allured by her looks – she looked to be in her mid-twenties but ages of many Asian women cannot be judged by their looks. It was almost impossible to take my eyes off her face and they then fell to her white lacey shirt that was see through enough to reveal her push up bra outlining her breasts. I cannot describe her beauty in words and even if I tried to they would fall well short of the mark. She was tall for a Singaporean, perhaps 165cm and very businesslike looking girl.

She looked sad and I could not help but wonder what she is doing all alone on this sleepy afternoon on a weekday by the bay. Soon our eyes met and we exchanged smiles – shy but friendly. It was obvious that she was hot as the bench she had sat down on had no shade.

I said, “Hi. My name is Gareth. I can see you are hot. Please sit beside me in the shade.’

She said, “Nice to meet you Gareth. I am Sue. Thanks, it is hot over here.”

She demurely sat beside me on the bench. There was a moment of awkwardness – we both looked at each other and spontaneously laughed. That laugh dissipated any tension that there was between us.

She said, “Gareth, I am not in a good place at the moment. My boyfriend and I have broken up. He cheated on me.”

I said, “He must be the fool of the century. What man in his right mind would cheat on a beautiful woman like you?”

She giggled and replied, “Thank you. Just sitting here has already made me feel better.”

I felt a bit of discomfort as she was seeing me as a nice guy but all I could think of whilst she was talking was how great it would feel for her voluptuous oriental lips to engulf my already hardening cock. I found it hard to take my eyes off them. I was staring at her lips. Her nearness to me ignited intensified wild passion and what was going on in my mind was not being a nice guy but how I could bed and fuck this oriental stunner.

She moved closer to me and said, “Gareth. I am feeling very sad, would you mind just holding my hand. I really need someone to hold.”

I said politely, ‘Sure.” And took her hand whilst the demon inside me had carnal thoughts of doing terrible and salacious things to this broken woman.

We sat there for some time – just holding hands – not talking – never would I have guessed that she would be sitting next to me, in my favorite spot by the bay. I did not want to let this moment slip away. I never had courage in my life to do anything wild and risqué as I have always been too shy for that kind of flirting. However, this time I wanted to be that man! A man that would command and take the control. I did not want to have any regrets in the future. I slowly brushed her hair with my other hand and she looked up at me quizzically – but did not stop me. I took this as consent and moved my hand further to her jawline and rested it on her beautiful chin, cupping it and forcing her to look me in the eyes. I could see pain – but something else too as I moved closer to her and kissed her. The kiss was reciprocated in passion and soon turned into the most erotic one I had experienced in my life. Soon I slipped my tongue in and she did not stop me. We sat there and kissed for an eternity.

There were few people visiting Gardens by The Bay this day and it was all but secluded leaving us to our own devices. I wanted to take this passion to a whole different level. I slid my hand in her skirt and my tongue deeper in her mouth. She had long, smooth legs and as my hand went further up her skirt was stunned to find out that she was not wearing anything underneath. I started caressing her pussy that was already dripping wet. She responded by parting her legs further and I slipped my fingers inside her juicy cunt and was rewarded by watching her throw her head back and begin moaning.

She cried out, ‘Yes’ as I began inserting two then three fingers in that moist love hole and within minutes I could feel her squirt on my hand as her cum gushed freely. Slowly, her dazed eyes became clear again and she looked at me.

She said, “I need you to fuck me Gareth”

I said, “Here? Now?” I had wanted to insert my tongue in between her thighs and taster her pussy juice. Do all the crazy things that had been running around in my mind but this was a public place. In Singapore no less. If we were caught there would be hell to pay – but the desire and risk only added to my excitement.

She came close to my ear and whispered, “Let’s do it behind the tree over there. No one will ever see us!”

I looked over and she was right. It was the most secluded spot. I said, “Let’s go.”

We had hardly made it around the back of the thick trunked tree when she fell to her knees, had unzipped my pants and I could feel her breath on my man tool. She took it out, it was already hard and erect, started playing with it with her hands and giving it light, gentle kisses. I felt a head rush, was dizzy and could hardly swallow my saliva with the excitement. Without thinking I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock inside her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. I fucked her mouth hard deep-throating and feeling the wonderful effect of her gagging on it. Tears were streaming from her eyes and I could see mascara running but that served to turn me on more and I fucked her throat harder until my hot jism spurted forth making her throat my cum-bucket. I spurted the biggest load of cum ever and after 20-30 seconds (6-8 spurts) I was done and released her head.

She grabbed hold of my cock. I was spent but she would have none of it as she pulled her skirt up, bent forward with her head toward the trunk of the tree and guided my cock into here sweet pink pussy. I could see juices flowing from her lips and her perfectly formed rose-bud of an ass above it. She guided me into her love hole and within moments my cock revitalized and began to thrust it in and out of her. This was wild sex – more that I could have ever imagined. I was red-hot and inside her sliding my overactive penis into her mesmerizingly beautiful pink flesh. She kept moaning as I thrust harder and harder with what sounded like a mixture of pain. She was literally drooling with excitement. Her wetness surprised me.

I unbuttoned her shirt and grabbed hold of her voluptuous tits underneath her bra. As soon as I did that her breasts popped out revealing her aeroloa. The breeze must have kissed her skin and brown ripe nipple perked up like small ripe cherries. I fondled, caressed, and rubbed them while my raging hard cock kept thrusting inside her. Her moans were getting louder and louder and I was scared that we may be found out by some visitors or even worse the authorities. Luckily there was no one around. This Singapore garden sex was driving me crazy!!

One her hands she held behind my lower back forcing my thrusts deeper and harder inside her whilst the other hand kept scratching my arm, harder and harder. I did not feel the pain as I was busily thrusting in and out of her faster and faster and could feel that I was just about to fountain my cum all over her. I kissed her wildly, licked her back, admiring her body, soon thrusting turned into pounding as we both started to move in unison and her tight love hole tightened around my cock. She came just before me and I followed her pulling my cock out and spurting cum all over her back ass and pussy. There could never have been better sex!

We were breathing erratically for a few moments but then gathering our senses I quickly zipped my pants and she quickly put her skirt back on. We could hear footsteps – she turned around – looked at me – smiled and walked off. I wanted to follow her but something told me not to spoil the moment. I am not sure if I regret this now or not.

I still regularly go to the same garden by the bay and sit on the same bench. I always think about her and the amazing sexual experience encountered that afternoon. I kind of wait for her but I have never seen her again. Perhaps one day I will!

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