Overdue Bliss – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Overdue Bliss: First love becomes forever love

“Ok beautiful bride look over here,” the camera guy told me. I can’t believe Peter and I are finally on the same page in life. Even though the camera is flashing and we look incredible together my heart is still overwhelmed. “Olivia are you happy?” Peter was looking at me with those enduring eyes that made me weak. I smiled at him, “Yes Peter I couldn’t be happier.” Then my new husband picked me up and all I could hear was the rapid shutter sounds from the camera. My hand caressed his cheek as I went down memory lane thinking about our previous relationship as kids. In fact we were high school sweethearts that broke up right after graduation.

Back then I felt like we were just too young to be so serious, at least that is what my mother said. But in my heart I always knew that my happily ever after would be with Peter. We were practically inseparable in school. It had been at least ten years since we have seen each other. However, when we did run in to one another it was as if the old feelings never went away. “I can’t wait to sleep with you as husband and wife,” I told Peter seductively. Peter was standing behind me and I could feel his third leg waking up. He whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to feel you too.”

My pussy instantly got wet and if it wasn’t for the cameraman still being around I think I would have pulled Peter’s clothes off. Help, I screamed to myself trying to stay calm because Peter is so sexy. We were alone with the cameraman while our guests were still inside. Although, having someone there to watch us make love might be a turn on. We ate cake, had champagne, and socialized with our families. The day was starting to turn into night and my sexual desires were getting stronger. As we were dancing, overlooking the city Peter kissed me. One by one guest were leaving the reception and soon after we found ourselves left alone.

My lover begins to tease me by pulling off my garter belt along with my pantiesOur wedding had all of the makings of a picture perfect day. The fact that I turned Peter down the first time he asked me to marry him doesn’t matter now. “How about we start the honeymoon,” I said to Peter. He turned me around into a spinning dip and then he said, “Alright let’s start.” After pulling me back up Peter went inside to look around the reception area and in the offices. Bringing out a mattress, “Look what I found.” I laughed at my husband walking around with a mattress. “Where did you get that from?” “I went into one of the offices and I saw a bed in the room.” When he laid it down on the hard concrete my vagina started to jump.

He smiled at me cocking his head to the side towards the mattress. Acting like a shy girl I quietly lied on the mattress showing off my legs. My lover begins to tease me by pulling off my garter belt along with my panties. His hands rubbed my lower legs all the way up to my thighs. Then Peter spread my legs wide as he got in between them to give me a kiss. “Peter wait, let me take off my dress.” Lying on the mattress, Peter spreads my pussy lips apart as he gently licks my clitoris. “Yes, Peter that feels incredible,” I said in a low tone. His tongue goes deeper, pushing inside of my walls. “Mmm, you taste scrumptious,” he said. Without hesitation I grabbed his head trying to hold in my loud moans.

Peter loves to get nasty with me when tasting is involved. His thumb strokes my clit and I felt like a hot pot about to boil over. My pussy was grabbing his tongue as I moved down closer to him on the white sheet. Oh I love the way Peter fucks me with his mouth. It felt like a massive sexual hot flash attacked my body and I loved it. My pussy was so wet Peter could slip in and fall. As his hands reached up to grab my tits I fell back on the mattress looking up at the stars. The nice breeze that blew over us must have known how hot we were on top of this roof.

“Oh Peter fuck me now, please.” Then he kisses his way up to my lips pressing his body against mine. I grabbed his cheeks, pulling Peter closer to me and then I licked his lips. “Your lips taste so sweet,” I informed him. “That’s because I’ve been munching on you.” We definitely play well together. As we were kissing I unbuttoned his shirt and Peter tried to get out of his suit as fast as he could. The adrenalin had kicked in for both of us and at that moment it had become a race to see who could get their clothes off the fastest. Once we were completely undressed, except for my knee highs, we let out a deep breath. “I’ve been waiting all day to get you naked,” he told me. “Oh yeah, well I am going to make sure it was worth the wait.”

I pushed him down on the mattress and then my tongue I pushed him down on the mattress and then my tongue Then Madison unzips his pants, pulling out his hard cock.begins to lick his hard cock.begins to lick his hard cock. “Oh yeah baby that’s it.” Peter really likes it when I suck on his balls. Grabbing hold of his long rod, I started nibbling at the tip. Soon after the wetness from my mouth poured out as I was reaching the base of his cock. I begin to give him a hand massage while lifting his delicious balls up with my tongue. “Oh Olivia suck that cock.” Peter rubs his fingers through my hair as he leans up to look at me. It makes my nipples so hard when he calls my name out like that. Peter pulls me on top of him even though I could have stayed down there for hours.

I mounted his big stick, giving a sigh of relief because it had been way too long since our private parts touched. “Yes Peter give it to me!” Lying on top of him I caressed his head while my pussy received his cock. Our bodies were moving as one in a fast motion. It was as if we were acting like two people stranded on a deserted island trying to populate it. Peter squeezed my tits, putting them in his mouth which made me melt. Then he grips my ass, thrusting his love upward. “Yes Peter, yes!” I thought I was going to lose it when held me down by my waist.

Then Peter switched positions on me but before he did he gave my vulva a nice lick from behind. “Have you been a bad girl?” “Yes Peter I’ve been very bad.” Peter smacks me on my ass and then he shoves his cock back inside of me. “You naughty girl I am going to teach you a lesson.” “Be gentle with me please,” I told Peter playfully. He knew I liked it when he got aggressive in the bedroom. I went from being slightly on my side with one of my legs hiked up on the mattress, to touching Peter’s head over my shoulder. He was pounding me from the back, “Fuck me harder.”

Peter’s fingers reached around my pussy where he played with my clit. I couldn’t help it I had to let go this time. My moans got louder and I said, “Oh you fucking animal.” Peter grunted like a man beast that had taken over my vagina. Then my juices flowed all over him nice and creamy. “Yeah that’s what I like your wet cream,” he told me in my ear. Then he licks my ear, blowing on it and driving me wild. If I get any hotter Peter was going to have to find a fire hose to cool me off. I went into this session of moaning because I literally could not speak. My love sounds seem to fuel Peter’s desire because I could tell he was not ready to cum yet. Maybe he was trying to fuck the words out of me so I could be speechless for days.

All of a sudden Peter slows up and I couldn’t tell if he dropped his cum load since I was so wet.All of a sudden Peter slows up and I couldn’t tell if he dropped his cum load since I was so wet. “Turn back over for me,” he said. Still unable to speak I slowly nodded my head yes. In the missionary position Peter fucked me into a daze. He had one of my legs up as we kissed. Feeling like I was on cloud 9 my mouth was wide open from all of the pleasure my husband was giving me. We were so connected in that moment that I didn’t want him to lean up. Our sweaty bodies were mashed against each other where I could feel his heart beating next to mine. Peter kissed me all over my face and neck as he continued to pump his dick in my hot box.

“Oh Peter I’m cumming, oh.” Peter finally let go as he starts to moan loud cumming with me. Then he pressed my breasts together and gave me a wet motorboat. As he lay beside me I mentioned, “You are a much better lover now than you were ten years ago.” “Oh really, well maybe it’s because you made me wait this time around.” We smiled at one another lying naked overlooking the city. Reminiscing about the past we were holding each other. “You remember the time we had sex on the beach,” I asked my lover. Peter told me that it was a night he could never forget. “You were wearing that tight dress with no panties.” “Yeah I must have been young and crazy to do that back then,” I said. He grabbed my hand and told me that I wasn’t crazy, just in love.

“So when are we going on our honeymoon again?” “Peter we got four hours before we have to be at the airport.” “Good that gives me enough time,” Peter said. “Enough time for what,” I asked him. Peter turned to me and asked, “So did you cum?” “Peter you know I did, twice,” I told him while holding up two fingers. “That’s right I did feel you cream me up quite a bit.” “Well I only got to release once so.” “Peter what do you mean so?” He crawled on top of me again spreading my legs apart. Making sure that I was still juicy he dangled my clitoris with his tongue and buttered up my asshole.

Sticking his finger in and out it found its way into my anus. “This time I want some anal action.” So he eased his hard cock into my ass and I must admit nothing makes me cum harder. Peter was determined to match my two vaginal releases. “We got four hours,” he said as he stroked his cock in my ass. Then he pinned one of my legs back while I played with my vagina. “Yes Peter don’t stop.” He got to fill up all of my holes and the honeymoon is just getting started. “I love you Olivia.” “I love you too Peter, always.”

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