Raina Showers Down – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Raina Showers Down: Sometimes being neighbors has a few extra perks

My neighbor Sebastian was having a few plumbing problems that resulted in him not having hot water. So, when he knocked on my door and asked if he could take a shower I happily said of course. “Thanks Raina, you are a life saver,” he told me while walking inside of my home. “No problem, anything for my neighbors,” I replied. Wearing a t-shirt, soccer shorts, and carrying a bar of soap the dark hair stud looks yummy. After giving Sebastian directions on where to go, I couldn’t help but notice his big bulge poking out of his shorts. Yep, my sexy neighbor is a tall milk shake that I fantasize about drinking. Curiosity got the best of me when I went upstairs and heard the shower running.

Walking closer to the door, it dawned on me that I haven’t christened my newly remolded bathroom. Sebastian was singing in the shower which was hilarious but kind of sexy. Sneaking inside, I had to take a peek. As my mouth drops at the sight of his big cock the guy catches me lurking. “Raina,” he said to me. “Why don’t you come over here and help me out,” Sebastian suggested. Once I took off my cute little tank top and panties my pussy begins to get creamy. Laying the clothes down on a bench, I walked over to him. Combing through my dark brown hair with my fingers, I contemplated on whether or not to let the shower run over my body.

Standing in front of him my eyes glance over his muscular arms and he mentions, “It took you long enough.” A smile takes over my face just before he kisses me with so much passion that I could feel my clitoris erecting. Sebastian’s meaty cock brushes up against my stomach while his hands wrap around my waist. Pressing my perky tits on his chest, I pulled him closer to me by his arms. My tongue begins to lick every part of his tattoos and chest until I found myself facing his cock.

Treating me like a naughty bad girl, Sebastian starts to caress my lips with his big penisTreating me like a naughty bad girl, Sebastian starts to caress my lips with his big penis. “Oooh you are so hard,” I said. “Indeed I am Raina.” He taps my lips a few times and said, “Open sesame.” Eagerly opening my mouth wide I said, “Ahhhhh.” Nibbling on his head, he feeds me his cock and I love it. My comment encourages Sebastian to stroke faster inside of my pie hole. Taking over his joystick with my hands, I gobble it up which made him moan. “Ah Raina you know what the fuck to do.” His hands reach for my head to propel the back and forth motion.

I treated his cock like a delicious piece of cake and with each squeeze my tongue was waiting for his vanilla icing. As I was deep throating, “Damn, Raina your mouth feels fantastic.” Sebastian said as he almost drops a hot load of cum in my mouth. He slightly pushes my head back, “Whoa lady, hold it,” he insists while squeezing his rod. Forcing his cum back up inside of him, Sebastian was so horny that his desires led him to pick me up. In the air, he licks my soft nipples stiff. “Oh, yes,” I moaned as he laid me down on the chair to spread my pussy lips apart. Taking a dip with his tongue, “Oooh Sebastian my vagina is so wet.”

“Mmm Raina I want to lick you unconscious.” I really admire Sebastian’s dedication to making me cum. His flat wide tongue scoops inside of my vagina as I begin to melt. When he comes up for air, my sweet juices are covering his lips. “Ah, dammit!” The words uncontrollably flew out of my mouth. As my legs start to shake while they were dangling in the air I could feel the wetness dripping out of my pink hole. Making its way to my inner thighs, Sebastian was kind enough to clean it up. “Tasty,” he comments after slurping on my legs. I was so turned on that my mouth was craving to suck his cock again. When he got up I quickly talked him into sitting down, even though it wasn’t that hard.

Swallowing his cock to no end Sebastian could not take it, he had to have me. His fingers slipped down to the crack of my butt where he caressed each ass cheek. “I want you to sit on this pole backwards. Crawling over to him, I leaned up and squatted on that meaty cock. “Oh yes it’s so big,” I confirmed. Pushing down on his thighs, I bounced up and down before leaning back towards him. His lips feel so incredible that I was happy to suck on them. Twirling our tongues together his hot rod pummels my pussy. “Ah Sebastian fuck me please.” Begging him for his dick, I love the way our private parts were talking to each other below.

So hot, the sweat drips from my forehead down to my neck and ends up between my breasts.Thrusting upward, one of Sebastian’s hands touches my clit. He twirls it around forcing my body temperature to reach a fiery explosion. So hot, the sweat drips from my forehead down to my neck and ends up between my breasts. With that same hand he fondles one of my round tits, squeezing it tight. We definitely were in our own world. While still kissing I pulled back to moan from the slow dick spin Sebastian was giving inside of my pussy. “Ah!” The screams couldn’t be contained; in fact it only got better. Then my sexy neighbor said, “I want you back on that chair.” Barely jumping up, I sat down and let him have his way with me.

Sebastian throws one of my legs on his shoulder and pumps me full of cock. “You sexy bastard fuck me!” He penetrates me deeply, grabbing one of my feet in the process. My ass was hanging off of the chair as each stroke moves me up. He told me how his dick was drowning in all of my sweetness. The sexual energy was so strong that I start to cum non-stop. “Yeah, Raina give me all of that cum.” Getting carried away, he spanks my tits and tugs on my nipples. I was completely submerged in the erotic pussy pounding that Sebastian was giving me. When he decides to pull out a stream of cum followed. “Turn around for me,” he said. The handsome guy was in rare form and ready to devour the rest of my body.

He told me in a sexy tone to get my ass back in that chair. Happy to grant the man his wish, I sat on the chair backwards and held on to the top rail. “Oooh are you going to take me from behind?” Talking to him in my soft baby voice, Sebastian makes his penis jump. Looking down at it, the man responds, “You like that boy.” The long pole moves up and down in a yes nod which made me chuckle a bit. With the gentle spanking of my buns, he suggests that I lift them up. “Like this Mr. Sebastian,” I said while tooting my butt up. He kisses both of my cheeks and dips his finger into my pussy.

Leaning into him, I my hand reaches back to touch the side of his head. His long stick drills inside of me like a jack hammer. Leaving his hand prints on my ass, the hot stud grabs my waist as if it was the first time. The closeness of his chest pressed on my back felt so right that my head falls to the rear on one of his shoulders. Hugging me, his fingers searched my body parts from top to bottom. Then Sebastian grabs my hair, kisses the side of my face, and pushes my head forward. With my knees bent on the chair he picks up the pace. “Yes, yes, fuck me.” I yelled out trying not to bit my lip.

Closing my eyes from the pleasure I was hoping that he cum inside of me. I could feel a puddle of sweat dripping from his forehead to my back and then to one of my thighs. The penetration of him humping my wet cunt was an exhilarating rush. Closing my eyes from the pleasure I was hoping that he cum inside of me. I could feel a puddle of sweat dripping from his forehead to my back and then to one of my thighs. Full of heat just like me, Sebastian had a lot of liquid fire to give. He pulls me back towards him to where I am sitting on the back of my legs. Stretching my arms out, I continued holding on to the rail. The tall guy from next door squats down, grabs my tits with both hands, and fucks me into silence. I mean, my mouth was open but not a single word or sound was coming out. It was like my voice had a catatonic fit.

Then out of nowhere, my screams managed to catch up to all of the cum that was pouring out of me. His dick and the chair was riddled in cream sauce. “Oh yeah there it is, I like it when you give me that pussy.” Sebastian told me with such confidence that it was obvious my kitty katt was purring for him. He lifts me up off of the seat and I stood on my legs bent over. While I was grabbing the chair, Sebastian pulls my body to him by the shoulders. Surely, I thought this man has completely depleted all of my juices until the warm gooeyness drops down again. His big bishop was covered in pearly goodness.

With one of my arms on the seat I used the other to grab at his chin. Pulling him to my lips he kisses me so sensually. Sebastian drained my vagina and now I wanted him to play in my ass. “Massage my anus with your stick,” I said to him. His eyes got big as a smile creeps up on his face. Immediately he takes his penis out of my pussy. Munching on my anus he let it be known, “Damn you taste good everywhere.” “Oooh, ah Sebastian you are… the best.” The man starts to slide his meaty head into my ass but, at that moment he stops. Apparently his jizz juice had another idea. “I want you to catch this cum in your mouth,” he commanded.

Helping me on my knees, he stokes his cock inside of my mouth and I was delighted. The thrusting was slow and intense that I could feel the tip of his cock poking my uvula. Coughing, one of my hands begins to tickle his balls and Sebastian leans his head back. With his eyes closed, he let out a few small moans. Looking up at the virile guy, my mouth sucks him faster. For a brief moment I was in a competition with my self trying to pull out all of his erotic noises. It soothes my ego to know that in 5 4 3 2… “Oh shit!” I would say Sebastian donated a pint of cum to my mouth where it was so jam-packed that it spilled on my chest. After drinking it down I said, “Maybe next time we could try anal.” Sebastian’s only reply was “Wow.”

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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