Reclining Passions – An Erotic Bedtime Story With Audio

Reclining Passions: New furniture was never this much fun!

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In a room deemed for sexual pleasures and erotic fantasies stands a red recliner ready to be conquered. Sitting on the comfy leather chair, Bianca was dressed in a sexy panty and bra set. While reminiscing about what happened last night, Bianca’s sexy partner walks over to her. “Mmm, you are looking exceptionally well today,” the guy said. Leaning up she replies, “Thank you Sean so are you.” When the man with dark hair and piercing eyes gives Bianca a kiss she grabs him by the back of his neck. Pulling him closer, the couple’s tongues twirl on top of each other while the sounds of heavy breathing fill up the naughty room.

Bound together by their lust for one another, Sean slowly moves on Bianca. He grabs her soft tits, squeezing them as the lip smooching continues. “Sean I am still trying to recover from last night,” Bianca confesses. It was about 12 hours ago when Sean had Bianca strapped to a table lying face down so he could sexually torture her. He made the woman scream for mercy until she couldn’t take it anymore. Everything from spanking her sweet ass to fucking the brunette with his tongue played a role in the orgasmic encounter. Tickling her nipples with his fingers, Sean bites down on them gently causing Bianca to gasp.

She pulls back from him, “No Sean I am still hung over from all of that fun.” “Well maybe we could go slowly this time, nothing fancy,” he replies. Licking from Bianca’s chest to her neck the amazing lover was intending to have his way. Although Bianca said no she really was trying to prevent her inner beast from jumping out and attacking Sean. “Ah you know that is my spot,” she said to him as he nibbles on her earlobes. Unconsciously biting her lip, Bianca gives in by removing her bra. “See that wasn’t so hard,” Sean said. Going back and forth between her two nipples, Bianca’s lover was ready to fuck her brains out.

But before the vaginal poking could begin, the brunette sucks Sean’s cock to the hardness of a baseball bat. But before the vaginal poking could begin, the brunette sucks Sean’s cock to the hardness of a baseball bat. Up and down, her mouth slurps all over his shaft getting the tip wet. Slowly thrusting, Sean leans his head back, almost losing his balance because it felt so good. “Ah Bianca,” he whispers as one of his hands pushes her head down. She bobs her head aggressively on his cock, showing Sean how much she enjoys tasting him. The man was so caught up in the blowjob that he let his milk loose into Bianca’s mouth. After drinking her sex partner down to the last drop, at least for now the dedicated female swallows his sperm.

Sean moans while Bianca makes her way up to his lips to give him a kiss. Overcome with so much passion the dominant male takes control and lays Bianca back down on the chair. She closes her eyes as Sean toys with the horny beauty, pulling her panties to the side and using his mouth. “Now give me those panties,” he orders her. Bianca slides the silky black underwear to her ankles and lifts her legs up. Dangling them in his face, Sean finishes the job by taking them off. Then he spreads her bended legs apart, munching on Bianca’s luscious thighs. Working his way up to her pussy, Bianca moans from the excitement of feeling Sean’s tongue. She holds her breath as if it was going to keep the cum from spilling out of her vagina.

The hot body man licks Bianca’s clit and her juices squirt just a little. “Ah, yes Sean,” the woman said while grabbing the back of his head. Sean’s fast tongue stroking makes his lady moan, triggering her legs to shake and she pushes him back. “Ooooh, please, Ah,” Bianca said in an incoherent manner. Thirsty as can be, Sean doesn’t stop but instead doubles down on Bianca’s mouthwatering pussy. “Yes oh my fuck.” Bianca’s legs squirm around and her body jerks from the incredible stimulation. When he comes up from between her legs his face was covered in juices. Bianca’s hand reaches out to his mouth, wiping off the nectar.

With a throbbing hard dick, Sean grabs his fiancé’s wrist to help her up so he can sit down. Straddling him, she takes a seat on is cock as every inch of his penis goes inside of her. Moaning along the way, the turned on brunette bounces up and down. “Ah give me that fucking cock!” Bianca yells to him as her head leans back with both eyes closed. Her hankering for Sean’s pole made the guy thrusts upward fast to feed it to the woman. Making sure that she doesn’t fall off of the bull ride Bianca locks her hands down on his chest for balance. “Yeah oh fuck me Sean!” She meets the man’s intensity halfway with her constant pussy pounding.

The load fills her up to the point where streams of cum drips out, wrapping around his shaft. Grunting, Sean’s hands holds Bianca’s waist tight. He lets his creamy semen go again but this time inside of Bianca. She holds him close as the motion between them slows. Sean was in total awe of his fiancé, looking at her while her eyes were closed. Her moans keep him hard as he buries a nice cream pie inside of the lusty babe’s pussy. The load fills her up to the point where streams of cum drips out, wrapping around his shaft. Grunting, Sean’s hands holds Bianca’s waist tight. He touches all over his wife to be, even sticking a finger or two inside of her anus. “Sean I want you so bad.” Scooting up and to the side of the reclining red chair, Sean nudges for Bianca to get up. After she did he sits back once more, getting into position to let Bianca bounce on him from behind.

She places one of her legs in between his while the other hangs off to the side. Riding him slowly, Bianca’s vagina relentlessly covers his cock with cum. “Ah yeah baby, your pussy is so wet.” He gropes her tits, holding them firmly while continuing to pump in the warm hole. Moving her face to his Sean kisses Bianca and sucks on her lips. “You are so nasty Mr. Sean,” she lets it be known. His fingers reach forward to play with her clit. “You make me feel so fucking good,” he acknowledged. Bianca gloats over the love making. One of Sean’s hands lifts his love up by her thigh. “AHhhh, I love you Sean.”

From one hour to the next, the couple’s high sex drive fuels their fire. Cumming simultaneously, both of them start to moan load. Sean and Bianca were out of breath from all of the fucking. Taking a few minutes to collect their selves they hugged and kissed before switching positions. Getting his second wind, “I want you bent over,” he tells Bianca. She gets off of his lap and bends over in front of him. Wiggling her ass around Bianca teases Sean to where he gives the cutie a little spank. Rubbing on his cock, “Oooh I love watching you from behind.” Sean licks his lips and gives his hot rod some saliva lubrication prior to inserting it into Bianca’s moist box.

His candy stick drills in deep making the young vixen wail like a baby seal. He plants his hands on the chair in front of her to get a good grip as he pounds. “Baby ah baby,” she utters out. “You like that Bianca?” Sean asks knowing that the answer would be yes. The back view of Sean pumping hard in doggy style was deliciously enticing. Revving up the climax factor, he fingers her clit, forcing the women to lean down further. He pulls her back up, “Now where are you going?” He asks with a whisper in her ear. Bianca rolls her eyes in the back of her head in ecstasy from feeling Sean’s breath. He lightly blows on one of her earlobes while talking dirty to his woman.

The man stands up, holding on to Bianca’s waist moving her back and forth on his cock. “I want you to get drunk off of my dick,” he tells her. “Oh Sean I’m cumming,” she relays to him. The man stands up, holding on to Bianca’s waist moving her back and forth on his cock. “Give me that sweet pussy,” Sean demands. One of Bianca’s arms stretched out to the floor as she tries to hold herself up from the fucking. “Yeah just like that,” Sean said. With his pelvis pushed forward into her slippery cunt he uses one of his hands to hold the side of her ass. Bianca’s vagina muscle squeezes his fun stick making the guy slow up.

“Come on, I want you on your back,” Sean said. Holding up one of her legs, he plugs her hole again. “Oh yes,” Bianca vocalizes. Stirring his penis into her the two flames was still burning strong. “I love you Bianca,” the fiancé spoke. The sincerity of his words flows all over her body and ends up in her private parts. Showing her appreciation for Sean she kisses him as her pussy gets the creamiest in response to him. Bianca touches her vagina lips, opening them wide to make sure Sean gets all the way inside. “Oh you really want me to get all of it don’t you?” Her man asks with each hump that he makes.

When she nods her head yes Sean cups Bianca under her thighs, moving the female closer to him. Able to rest her head on the seat, he works the pink box. Dumping more of his man seed into her bush, “Ah yeah baby you want this nut, huh?” “Yes I want it I want it!” Bianca replies with full force as her tits bounce up and down towards her face from all of the moving. Leaning up, “Oh Sean fuck me, fuck me,” she said while looking at him. Holding on to her so tight Sean actually lifts Bianca up by her thighs. The noises of skin slapping together also aid in the final release. “Ah, Ah,” Sean groans loud just before letting it rip.

The ripple effect made Bianca shake and then cum shortly after. When Sean pulls his cock out a trail of milky sperm follows landing on his fiancé’s chest. She rubs it on her belly and the guy leans over to kiss his girl. He lifts Bianca up as she wraps her legs and arms around him. “Well we definitely broke this chair in,” Bianca said. “Yeah we did and to think we have so many more new pieces to go,” Sean adds. Looking at him she asks in a sweet tone, “Are you going to be gentle with me?” “Of course, if that’s what you wish,” he replies. In the air she hits the side of his legs with the heels of her feet. “Giddy up Mr. Sean you have more work to do.” As they leave the room Bianca throws one of her arms up and yells, “On to the next piece!”

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