Sketching Anal – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Sketching Anal: An artist rewards his model with anal and more

A gorgeous red head lies on her stomach with her legs in the air and a smile on her face focusing on the guy in front of her. While on the gray ottoman, the guy instructs her to position herself sideways. “Oh yeah Ginger just like that,” he said as the temperature in the room changes to hot. Ginger was one of Dalton’s new models that he enjoys sketching. Even though they met only three days ago through an ad he posted they immediately became close. Sitting in front of his canvas, Dalton was sweating so much that he lifted up his hat to wipe off the perspiration.

Licking her lips, Ginger could see Dalton’s dick print as his pants starts to hug him tight. “So Dalton how long have you been drawing naked women?” She asks him while still on her side holding up her head. As he outlines her hair, “Um for about three months now,” he replies. “I bet you have seen a lot of big tits or hairy pussies since then,” Ginger said jokingly. “Actually, you are my first nude model.” Ginger falls on her back, looking up at the ceiling as her silky red hair hangs off the ottoman. “I feel flattered that I am your first,” she told him. Dalton let her know that he wasn’t sure that he was going to do naked drawings until he met her.

“What started off as a hobby has turn into something else,” he confesses to Ginger. She turns her head to the side to look at him. Then without warning she jumps up and slowly walks towards Dalton. “What are you doing?” He asks her while continuing to work despite the obvious distraction. “It is really hot in your studio today.” She reaches for his hand and uses it to touch her soft tits. “Hey maybe we shouldn’t.” Ginger stops Dalton in mid-sentence to assure him that it was ok. She knew that he just went through a bad break up with his girlfriend Terri but Ginger couldn’t help but be attracted to his artsy demeanor.

Walking over to her, Ginger raises her foot and places it on Dalton’s cock to feel his hardness.Upping the ante, Ginger tells Dalton, “I think you are really cute.” He begins to feel on her body, moving from her stomach to her pussy. “Oooh you feel so good,” Dalton admitted. The two of them kiss and Dalton thought how he never felt something so soft. She pulls away from him and goes back to lie down on the ottoman. On her back with one leg up and the other down Dalton sits on his stool to finish the self-portrait. He found it increasingly hard to concentrate so he drops the charcoal stick down and said, “Fuck it.” Walking over to her, Ginger raises her foot and places it on Dalton’s cock to feel his hardness.

Leaning up, she unzips his pants to pull out the man meat. Unable to resist, the carrot top cutie rolls her tongue over the head of his cock. Dalton breathes fast from Ginger gently tickling the veins on his shaft. Using her hand to pull on his long bishop, she strokes it in her mouth. He puts both of his hands on her head and pumps. Liking the gag feeling that Dalton’s dick was giving her throat she moans. Taking her oral skills up a notch, Ginger lies back on the ottoman with her head slightly hanging off. Dalton leans over her, doing pushups as his pole digs deep into her pie hole. He was all worked up and ready to bounce inside of her vagina.

Getting up, “Are you trying to render me powerless?” He stands there lusting after Gingers milky body. “No but I am trying to render you pants-less,” she replied. Slowly dropping to his knees, Dalton spreads Ginger’s legs wide and feeds on her pussy. His desire to taste her was so overwhelming that he pulls her to the edge of the ottoman and chews on her clitoris. “Oooh, Dalton your tongue feels unbelievable,” she moans to him. He takes his time, making sure that every part of her wet spot was attended to. Slurping on her creamy muff, Ginger yells out as she lets go of her sticky cum. She wraps her legs around his head and he lifts her pussy to his face. Tantalizing sounds of ooh and ah seep out of Ginger’s lips.

A surge of extreme pleasure propels Ginger to push Dalton off of her so she can sit on his cock. Quickly, she takes off his pants, throws his hat on the floor but forgets his shirt. He lies down on the ottoman with open arms as Ginger mounts him. She rides his pole like a wild woman in heat. “Ah, yes your cock feels so good in my pussy!” Dalton pumps upward forcing the moans out of Ginger. Although the sketch artist knows how to be gentle with fine lines and soft edges he was rough on Gingers pink box.

“Please fuck my ass Dalton,” she begs him. Drooling over the thought of entering her cheeks he grants Ginger her wish.Loving every minute of it, “Oh yeah fuck me just like that,” she insisted. Her vagina was getting so gushy that Dalton picks her up so he wouldn’t cum so fast. In the air he moves her up and down slowly on his stick. Then he lies the spicy babe back down. “Please fuck my ass Dalton,” she begs him. Drooling over the thought of entering her cheeks he grants Ginger her wish. After a few more strokes of fucking her pussy hole he pulls out and fucks her ass. “Ah fuck Dalton!” The pressure of his big bone buried in her rosebud deep makes Ginger lose her mind.

Stretching out her tight asshole, she closes her eyes embracing the long handle massage. “You like that?” Dalton was curious to know if he was doing a good job as he thrusts inside of her. Breathing hard she tells him does he really have to ask. His hands caress Ginger’s chest as he stands over the red head. “You are so soft with your perfect features,” Dalton compliments. Leaning forward, he grips the ottoman to kiss Ginger on the lips while slowing up his sexual pace. She licks him from his lower lip up to his forehead where she plants a sensual smooch. Wrapping his hands around her waist, the tender loving of hard pumps and steady circular motions inside of Ginger’s ass has her crying out. “Yes Dalton!” When he removes his joy stick the horny doll face model let out a sigh of erotic relief.

Dalton joins his model on the ottoman by turning her to the side so he can slip back into her sweet ass. One of her legs was draped over his and the arm that wasn’t pinned to the ottoman was bent. Touching the back of his head she kisses him and Dalton’s monster below pounds upward. Drenched in sweat, Ginger takes her hand off of Dalton’s head and sticks her fingers in her mouth. She reaches for his balls that were bouncing from the plowing to gently fondle them. “Ah,” Dalton lets out. The sounds of his grunts and groans soothe Ginger’s ears to where she lubes up his cock with her sticky goodness.

Wanting more of her butt, Dalton lays Ginger on her stomach as he straddles over her for optimal balance. Pummeling her, Dalton’s dick pushes Ginger up to where her full breasts hang off of the ottoman. Her arms stand firm on the floor to keep herself from falling. The constant hammering made his balls slap up against Ginger’s pussy. Pulling out, Dalton shot his hot load on his model’s ass. Laying on top of her he gently kisses the back of her neck. “Woah you really wore me out,” Ginger said. “So you’re saying you through?” Dalton moves Ginger hair behind her ear and nibbles on her earlobes. Then he slides Ginger down on the ottoman.

Squeezing the ottoman, Ginger never had a man make her cum as much as Dalton.“Do you feel that?” He asks Ginger the question while his pole finds its way back into her ass. Squeezing the ottoman, Ginger never had a man make her cum as much as Dalton. The handcrafter locks his arms on the hassock along the side of Ginger’s to stuff her bottom. “Ah, dammit,” Ginger blurted out. “What’s wrong am I hurting you?” “No it feels incredible,” Ginger responds. Raising her legs, Dalton reaches back to grab both of her ankles. As he pulls her legs close to his back, he starts to feel the creamy secretions all over his dick. “Oh, damn!” He let Ginger’s legs go and one of his hands covers her mouth. “Yes!” The redhead loudly muffles.

Dalton picks Ginger’s waist up so she could be on her knees. Face down, she moans uncontrollably and plays with her clit. He spreads her ass cheeks wide and sticks his tongue inside. After fingering her ass a little bit, he wiggles through the crack of her ass. Dalton licks all the way down to Ginger’s pussy and back up again. Tongue kissing her anal he bites on her butt until the sexy female couldn’t take it anymore. “No please,” she screams. The orgasmic thrills race over her entire body causing Ginger to shake from tongue bliss. Dalton lifts her waist back up again and strokes his cock prior to putting it in her anus.

“If you don’t keep your ass up this time I’m going to fuck you to sleep.” Dalton was determined to please Ginger. Sticking his fingers in her pussy she nearly dies from ecstasy. Screaming out his name, “Dalton, oh Dalton.” A glob of cum drips out of Ginger’s vagina and Dalton rushes to taste her honey. “Oooh,” she said while biting her lips. Kissing her on her back, the artsy guy carries on with his humping. Ginger’s throat was dry from all of the yelling that she had been doing for over an hour. Her finger nails were clawing at the ottoman as she wonders how long can Dalton truly last.

“Ah, ah, uhhh,” Dalton said before cumming in Ginger’s ass. Overflowing her hole, it spills out and Dalton spanks her cheeks with his dick. She sits on her heels and squirts the cum out of her ass. “That shit is so sexy,” Dalton commented. He peels off his soaked shirt as semen still drips from his dick. Ginger may have been the one to pursue the creative dude but she never thought that he would unleash his inner beast. Kissing her on the ass, “Let me know when you are ready to go again,” he confidently said. She lies back on the ottoman with her legs hanging off taking an exhausting breath with a smile.

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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