Smile for the Camera – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Smile for the Camera: A young girls first nude shoot

“Yeah that’s it, stick your tongue out,” the guy said to his sweet girlfriend while holding a camcorder. “I don’t know Wade, I feel so out of character,” the girlfriend responds. Wade roamed around with his camcorder directing Krissy as if it was a professional shoot. “Hey, put your hand on the back of your head.” Krissy obliging him like a newly discovered model leaned up against the wall with her hand on her head. “Mmm, you look so fucking good,” Wade said. Krissy was standing still, looking seductive as possible in her black and white sheer panty and bra. Wade encouraged Krissy to bend over and show some cleavage.

“Baby, why don’t you take that bra off.” Krissy’s hands slowly reaches around her back. She leaned forward doing a shimmy move, shaking her tits. As Krissy moves back up, Wade heard the snaps in her bra unbutton. Once she takes it off, the blonde temptress rotates her hips from side to side holding up her bra dangling it for Wade. “That’s it sweetheart tease me,” Wade whispered as he licked his lips. Still not comfortable being in front of the camera, Krissy begins to giggle, biting her lip. “Babe relax, act like I’m not even here.” Wade stopped recording for a brief moment. He walked towards Krissy pinning her up against the wall. His fingers gently caressed the top of her chest following downward in between her round mountains.

Wade slightly tugged on her nipples, sticking his tongue in her mouth. Krissy’s eyes were closed feeling the sexual chemistry. A few sweat droplets begin to form on her forehead as she pulled Wade closer to her body. He pulled back, “Just like that, I want you to show me what you do when I’m not around.” When Krissy opened up her eyes the emotion of desire revealed itself. Wade sparked her flame and the word yearning was written all over her face. He stepped back to turn on the camera. Krissy’s libido had taken over and now she was ready to play.

The amateur adult cinematographer followed the cut of her panties which showed a nice G-string with his camera.From that moment on, she didn’t need any more of Wade’s coaching. Grabbing her breasts, Krissy slides down the wall, squatting. Her fingers moved around to her chest, then her mouth, and down to her belly button. Wade zoomed in, getting a close up as the innocent doll face girl turned around to show off her ass. She looked over her shoulder smiling at her boyfriend. The amateur adult cinematographer followed the cut of her panties which showed a nice G-string with his camera. “Oh yes, I love how your pretty panties exposes your ass cheeks.” “You really like that Wade, huh?” His pants begin to tighten around his penis. “Yeah, I like it a lot,” he said.

Still squatting, Krissy leans back placing one of her hands on the floor posing for Wade. “Show me that beautiful body,” he encouraged. Krissy stands back up, pressing her back to the wall as she wiggles down her panties. Then she throws her arms up while looking at the cameraman, “Come get me,” she said. He pushes the camera lens in once again, making sure not to miss a thing. “Krissy, imagine me inside of you, pushing through all of your gushy goodness.” The young chick closed her eyes, approaching her clitoris with her fingers. Letting out a heavy breath, Krissy simultaneously grabbed one of her tits. She pushes her fingers inside of her wetness stroking around.

Thinking about Wade, her fingers moved in an uncontrollable fashion and then they slipped out. Krissy softly moaned standing on her tippy toes as her clit was being twirled around gently. Her chest expands and contracts rapidly with every finger push. Krissy was getting lost in her pussy. The feeling to continue even though she was ready to cum had her legs involuntarily bending down. With her legs spread apart, one foot was on the top step and the other foot was on the bottom.

Krissy’s sex drive was forcing her to get all the way up inside of her pussy trying to reach that G-spot. Although the road to pleasure was just ahead, Krissy wasn’t in a hurry to get there, yet. Wade whispered out oh yeah, fuck that cunt. Moving around the room in order to capture his girl from every angle makes his cock harder. The video vixen sandwiches her vagina with one hand on top and the other coming up from the bottom. She had many fingers dipping in and out of her business. Krissy moved with the motion of her fingers, matching the rhythm. Lifting her pelvis up and down, her moans became louder. “Oh Wade I want you so bad.”

As she continues to have her way with herself, Krissy’s head Krissy holds her breath and during that same time her fingers move faster and faster in her pleasure box.tilts to the side. Her mouth was left wide open but this time no sound came out. It was as if her voice box was paralyzed with pleasure to where she couldn’t make one peep. Krissy holds her breath and during that same time her fingers move faster and faster in her pleasure box. She finally bursted out the breath and it was accompanied by a grunting moan. The arousing motion pushed Krissy to stand back up where she turned around to finger herself from behind. With a lifted leg, her right knee was introduced to the wall so the fingering could go on.

“Yes, yes,” she said. Krissy licks her lips holding the naughty position. Wade grabs his cock stroking it and admiring the view through the lens. Pulling on his long handle forced Wade to his knees where he was able to get a close-up. “Oooh, Krissy the view from here is fucking awesome.” Although she heard him Krissy was in her own world at the time. She spread the luscious lips of her vagina apart. Flexing her pussy muscles some of the cream dripped out of her vulva slowly. Wade was quick enough to get that camera right up under Krissy so the wet drops could fall onto the lens. “Fuck yeah that is beautiful,” Wade commented. Her moans were like music to his ears and Wade wanted more.

His hand went from gripping his penis to guiding Krissy’s fingers all over her kitty kat. After sticking her middle finger in and pulling it out, he puts her finger in his mouth. Watching Wade lick her finger clean of Krissy’s juices made her lower that right leg. She sat on the top step penetrating her pussy and touching her clit. The rush of explosive orgasmic energy had Krissy gyrating her pelvis upward. Wade got on his knees with his legs slightly parted giving his flag pole some breathing room. Being careful not to let the camera slip out of his hand, he brought it down just a little bit.

The scene was so intoxicating that Wade almost compromised his artistic integrity by filling up Krissy’s hole. Instead, he films Krissy holding her wet muff open for him. “Oh Wade I really want to feel your boner so bad.” “How bad do you want me?” Krissy stares at Wade and without thinking she responds, “Very bad.” Wade put the camera down and then he crawled over to her pussy. Feasting on Krissy’s deliciousness by circling his tongue around her clit had the girl going wild. Krissy grabs his head ready to let go of her sticky sauce. However, Wade gave her just enough tongue action to bring her to the climax without going overboard. She reaches for him as Wade picks the camera back up.

Show me how you finger that pussy.“Show me how you finger that pussy.” Krissy gave Wade an aggressive moan and then she leaned her head back. She was looking forward to sitting on his huge cock to help get that big rush of cum out of her. Despite feeling a couple of small juicy spills since the videography beginned, she was getting increasingly impatient. It didn’t help that Wade teased her with his mouth. Krissy’s body jerked from the passion raising her feet back up to the tippy toes. She stuffed three fingers inside of herself trying to fight the moans that were coming out of her mouth.

Wade thought how lovely Krissy looks with her light golden colored hair swinging loosely down her back. Her ass cheeks were hanging off of the top step and her pelvis was moving forward. She was finally coming across that sexual threshold where the big “O” was right around the corner. To make matters even more sexually compulsive, Wade stood over her on the step thrusting his cock down her mouth. The camera caught all of Krissy’s facial expressions. The way she raised her eyebrow, the cute wrinkle in her forehead, and the seductive glances were tantalizing. Looking up at Wade Krissy was about to pop. He quickly stood back, releasing his penis from her mouth.

Krissy yelled out fuck as her river of delight came crashing down. Her shaved honey pot’s nectar streamed down to her lips. As her body fluid dropped onto the bottom step Wade finished as well. Cumming in the palm of his hand he couldn’t believe how amazing Krissy did on video. She may have been shy at first but the more Wade nurtured her inner kink, the more Krissy let her hair down. Continuing to watch the flow of vag liquid, Wade finally dropped his pants to his ankles. Krissy was still going strong moaning like her finger was the last dick on earth. She was on an exotic high that took some time to come down from.

But when she did, her body relaxed and she was happily exhausted. The smile on her face said it all to Wade. “You were terrific,” Wade vocalized. Krissy never explored her body like that before. She didn’t know if it was the camera that brought her out of her shell or Wade’s sexual enthusiasm. Still sitting on the top step naked and somewhat satisfied, Krissy was in a bit of a lustful daze. Wade moved in closer for the final shot to capture her attention. “Krissy smile for the camera,” he suggested. With the visual inspiration in the form of Wade’s big cock looking back at her, it was hard for Krissy not to smile.

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Written exclusively for Maximum Erotica by: Amazinglyflawed
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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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