A Sticky Treat – An Erotic Bedtime Story

A Sticky Treat: Strawberries, whipped cream and cock

Lou always had a weakness for lusty brunettes with kinky attitudes. “Well how do I look,” his sexy temptress asked. Licking his lips unconsciously, Lou’s eyes glanced over Eva’s body from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. As he snaps out of his stare, “You look ready to play,” Lou replies. Dressed in a satin panty and bra set with black knee highs, Eva couldn’t wait to sit on Lou’s big dick. She made sure not to forget to put on the black high heels that Lou loves to cup when he spreads her legs apart. Standing in the doorway of the living room he motions for Eva to come closer.

Strutting towards him with a look of lust in her eyes, Lou opens up his legs for her to sit in between them. Shirtless and in his black briefs, Eva kneels down at his belly button as she slowly starts to lick it. Lou leaned his head back for a brief second then he grabbed a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of whip cream off the nearby table. Once Eva’s tongue reached Lou’s chest he pulled her back by her hair exposing her neck. “Mmm, I bet you taste so good,” he whispered just before chowing down on her neck. A hot flash sweeps over Eva’s body as her nipples starts to get hard. Lou dips a juicy strawberry into the bowl of whip cream. “I want you to lick this fruit just like my cock.”

Eva begins sucking the sweet drips of juices that spilled on his fingers. Swiftly twirling her tongue, Lou stuffs Eva’s mouth with the piece of fruit while kissing her chin. She grabs it with her teeth and then the couple shares a sweet kiss. Passion kicks in heavily as Eva raises up off the couch while Lou squeezes her ass. Taking each other’s breath away, Eva comes up for air letting out an erotic moan. As Lou’s hands pulls down Eva’s panties his fingers follows along the trail of her crack.

Lou catches the leaking cream sliding off the bottom half of her breasts with his tongueWhen his hand came back up, Lou grabbed the can of whip cream to make himself an Eva sundae. Squirting the cream all of over her tittys, Lou decides to get full off her bosom. “Oh Lou I want you inside of me.” The couple’s nastiness had just begun and already Eva wanted to end the game by giving into his cock. Lifting her up by the ass, Lou catches the leaking cream sliding off the bottom half of her breasts with his tongue. Eva’s legs begin to spread wider and wider as her pussy lips swells. Putting whip cream on his middle finger he pushes it inside of her vagina. Soon after, Eva sticks out her tongue and Lou sucks on it soothingly.

The throbbing between her legs was becoming increasingly hard to bear. Her breaths were growing shallow by the minute when he finally took his fingers out of her pussy. “Oooh, you are so sweet.” Lou gives Eva another strawberry to hold on to. Then he lifts one of her legs up on his shoulder while the other one was pressed firmly into the couch. Munching on her pussy the vixen grunted trying to control her urges. Eva really enjoys being Lou’s chew toy and when he leaned his head back she stuck the strawberry in his mouth. He pushes the strawberry up against her clit and begins to slurp. Eva grabs his hair squeezing excessively. “Yes, yes, oh yes,” she yelled from the tongue twisting pleasure.

She squirmed her way out of his embrace and slid downward towards his cock. Pulling off Lou’s briefs with her teeth, Eva grabs the can of whip cream. She playfully licks around the hard stick while looking into Lou’s eyes. After teasing him, she squirts the thick white cream over his cock. Without any hesitation Eva devours his cock in one oral motion. As she chokes on his delicious rod, the gurgling sounds compelled Lou to grab her long hair. Going on his impulses, he assists Eva with the blowjob by bobbing her head up and down.

The sensation of gagging fuels Eva’s fire to where she speeds up on eating his dick. When Lou was about to cum he held Eva’s head down while moaning as he releases in her throat. Being a good little slut she swallows it perfectly. Lou felt a tad bit empty from the explosive cum shot to the mouth. But when Eva lied on her back and spread her legs, his flag pole was ready for take-off. She slowly perks up her tittys as she pulls on her nipples. Lou gently bites on them, filling her tight cunt with his fingers. Being led by her hormones Eva couldn’t help but to gyrate on his long pointers. She lays back on the couch eager to receive Lou’s hard shaft. The one eyed cock knew exactly where to go when it came to Eva’s pussy.

Once he crossed into her sugar walls, she grabs his back She relished in the thought that her pussy was being used and abused by Lou’s insatiable penis.pulling him down to chest level. However, Lou had other ideas in mind. He held one of her legs down while the other was dangling off of the couch. Lou wanted to make sure that Eva felt his long dick from the tip to the base. Her moans went from a suffocated muffle to the sound of a loud siren maiden. Thrusting and pumping, Lou had Eva pinned down daring her to move. She relished in the thought that her pussy was being used and abused by Lou’s insatiable penis. The image of her tittys bouncing up and down only made Lou’s appetite even more robust. As his pelvis melted inside of her vagina she grips his dick with her gushy pussy muscles.

Squeezing and tugging, Lou wanted to cum again from the feel of Eva’s juicy pussy but he held out. “Oh your pussy feels incredible,” he told her while slowing up his pace. He finally pulled out of her, controlling the lower half of her body and sticking his tongue in her vulva. “Oh Lou, oh Lou, I love the way you eat my cunt.” After getting full off of his “Sticky Treat” he picks Eva up and she wraps her legs around his waist. Kissing intensely, he sits down on the couch with his lady on top of him.

Pounding her pussy down on his cock, Eva rode Lou aggressively. He reaches back to grab a strawberry and then rubs it over her nipples. Eva stuck her tongue out again and then Lou fed the strawberry to his girlfriend. Smacking Eva on the ass he bends her forward towards him. Their fast paced rhythm picked up once more as the two of them continued to enjoy one another. His hand was filled with Eva’s soft ass cheeks as he pulled them apart. Sticking his fingers into her asshole, Eva yelps out yes. Her wet muff creams up Lou’s cock to the point where it matched the whip cream. Sliding up and down, he squeezes her by the waist lifting her off of him. Hypnotized by his cock Eva opens up her mouth taking it all in. Lou was almost tempted to stop her because he wanted some more of her vag.

Nevertheless, the long stroke that she gave him with her wet warm tongue was too hard for him to pass up. Eva gently massages his cock with her fingers and Lou finally decides he couldn’t take it anymore. Bending her over on the couch the poke session started all over again but this time from behind. Lou called Eva his sexy slut and she happily replied, “Fuck yeah, I’m your sexy slut.” He grabs one of her breasts with his hand as the couple was slightly raised off of the couch. Trying to keep her balance from all of the pounding she presses her hands down on the couch.

Dripping wet from the sweat, Lou fills up Eva’s hole with his hot sticky cum.“I want you to lie on your back,” he said in her ear. Switching positions, Lou gripped both of Eva’s thighs. Holding them apart he wanted to make sure that he got deep inside of her sweet spot. His man meat was moving in slow motion which revved Eva up. Lou kissed her on the side of her cheek and nibbled on her ear lobe. The couple was steadily running out of breath from the extended sexual exercises that started to drain their bodies. Dripping wet from the sweat, Lou fills up Eva’s hole with his hot sticky cum.

Still feeling nasty she immediately gets up and sucks the rest of his cum out of his penis. “Woa, woa, damn, you know how to suck a cock!” Eva had gotten her second wind and she was on an intoxicating high. Not being able to come down she sucked his cock back up. “I want you to ride me from the back,” he said. So Eva sat on his lap when Lou was on the couch. Lifting her small frame up and down the two of them were trying their best to tire each other out. Lou pulled on Eva’s waist as he kept pouncing upward inside of her goodness. His ball sack was completely empty after Eva finished rolling her hips on his pelvis.

Once he shot his cum up in Eva’s pussy, Lou was unable to move for a few minutes. “The next time we play cum sluts let’s do it in the bed,” Lou said tiredly. “Ok, I’ll meet you in the bedroom in 5 minutes,” Eva responded. She got up leaving Lou stretched out on the couch with a pillow over his genitals. Yelling out from the bedroom, “Lou I’m ready to drink your fluids!” He leaned his head up and although Lou was spent he figured another go round wouldn’t hurt. He said out loud to himself, this week it’s cum sluts, next week its secret naked sex agents.

When he got into the bedroom, “What took you so long?” “Well Eva I had to let my juices build up so that you could suck them out.” Lou fell back on the bed letting his cute petite girlfriend have her way with him. He couldn’t believe how committed she was to the role of drinking his cum. Lou felt extremely lucky that he had a woman to cater to his desires. He often thought of Eva as being his sweet treat. But with her cravings lately, it seems as if the couple has traded places and now Lou is the “Sticky Treat.”

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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