Teach Me Slowly – An Erotic Bedtime Story

Teach Me Slowly : A schoolgirls teacher fantasy

I was lying in my bed thinking about my sexy teacher that loves to tempt me when I’m in his class. With my eyes closed, I fantasized about the time I stayed after school flirting with Mr. Johnson. “Megan, please stop talking in my class,” Mr. Johnson said to me. “Of course professor I’ll tone it down.” Mr. Johnson continued teaching us as he walked around the classroom. Then he said, “Class I know that it is your senior year but try to stay focused.” He looked over at me when he said that. The bell rings and I was walking out of the room with my friends when, “Ms. Wildes may I see you for a moment?”

As I walked slowly over to his desk Mr. Johnson looked up at me with his beautiful dark brown eyes behind his glasses. He smelled so good and I’ll admit I was in awe of him. As he talked to me with those luscious lips I thought about him bending me over on his desk and spreading my legs. Mr. Johnson pulled up my tight skirt that I wore for him as he spread my legs apart. Pinned down on the desk thinking about what is going to happen next, Mr. Johnson kneeled down behind me. “Ms. Wildes, are you listening to me?” I came back to my senses and out of the fantasy. “Mr. Johnson how do you look when you cum?”

I asked him a bold question but I was willing to stand on it. He stood up and leaned in closer to me. “Megan I know you are 18 but I’m your teacher.” Reaching in my purse I slid Mr. Johnson a piece of paper then I left out of the room. When I got home I thought how sexy Mr. Johnson is as I lied in my bed. Raising my red shirt up gently my fingers found their way to my pussy. Since I turned 18 a week ago, I felt like a woman ready to take on the world. But first I want to start with taking on my hot teacher. My family was gone for the week so I can lay around today masturbating with my door wide open.

Touching my low shaved pussy lips causes a feeling of happiness. In a steady circular motion I moved my clit around. The sensation of gushiness starts to ease its way down my private part. Sticking two fingers in I spread my legs wide along with continuing to tap on my clit. My horniness was getting to me and there was only one way to solve it. Oh how I wish a certain someone was here so I can release all of my tension. Shoving my fingers in and out made me moan and I was about to take off my panties to finish the job. Looking in the nightstand I saw my favorite vibrator awaiting my pussy lips to be wrapped around it.

A knock was at the door and I almost didn’t go down stairs to answer it. I mean, I was having fun masturbating and it felt so good. As soon as I looked out of the peep hole my eyes lit up and I got so excited. Then I opened up the door, “Hello Ms. Wildes.” I waved him inside, “Hello Mr. Johnson.” “So you slide a note to me with your address in class, well here I am.” Even though I had been dreaming of this moment to be with my teacher, I never thought he would really come over. He definitely called my bluff, “Mr. Johnson would you like to see my room?” He told me yes and I grabbed his hand leading the way upstairs.

“That’s it, Ms. Wildes suck my cock.” I love the way his one-eyed snake hangs in my mouth.Walking around the house in my red shirt and white panties I knew he was looking at my assets. He sat on my bed and I pushed him back as I undressed him by taking off his pants. Getting on the bed, my mouth was watering up ready to taste his cock. The teacher was unbuttoning his light blue collar shirt as I sucked him up getting his fat penis rock hard. “That’s it, Ms. Wildes suck my cock.” I love the way his one-eyed snake fills up my mouth. Twirling my tongue on the top of his rod I munched down to the base. Mr. Johnson had a long rod and it tasted so good in my mouth. The thrill of sucking off my teacher was too much for my pussy to bear.

Each time I gagged on his cock my vagina would squirt out a little bit drenching my white panties. Mr. Johnson was so delicious I could lick him all day. I put my mouth on his nice round balls as I stretched his cock. My wet saliva dripped through my fingers making his pole very slippery. He squeezes my ass masturbating me with my panties by sticking them in between both of my splits. Raising my head up from all of the bobbing I looked back to see him slip his fingers in my cracks feeling all over my clit. His touch was just as wonderful as his cock and I definitely was enjoying both.

“Ms. Wildes”, “Yes Mr. Johnson,” I said with a long strip of spit mixed with pre cum streaming from my bottom lip to his dick. My teacher pulled me up towards him sticking his tongue in my mouth. Mr. Johnson’s lips were as sweet as candy and the infatuation was growing stronger by the minute. With my panties hanging off of my ass I nibbled on his tongue. “Oh yes, Mr. Johnson I want it,” I told him as I gyrated on him. Pressing my pussy up against that hard bone was really making me melt inside. I had to have him in me. Grabbing me by my waist he laid me down on the bed while pulling off my panties.

Mr. Johnson pulled up my shirt to get a view of my perky tits. He was about to take off his glasses when I said, “No, leave them on you look sexy.” My mouth fell open once I felt him wiggling that big rod in my tight snatch. The fantasy that I had of him couldn’t compare to the real thing. When I sat in the front of his class I would wear my short skirts spreading my legs. He would pretend not to notice, but I knew he wanted me and being here just proves it. “Yes, Fuck me Scott,” I yelled. The time to be formal had passed the minute he entered my womb. “Oh Megan, fuck, this pussy feels so sweet.” It’s not that I have a fetish for older men or anything but there is just something about Scott Johnson that makes my knees weak.

His thick bishop with the mushroom head was plowing His thick bishop with the mushroom head was plowing my hot pocket.my hot pocket. Lying on top of me he kisses my tits. Soft and wet is the feeling of his tongue as Scott twirls around my nipples. When he starts grunting sexually it was so manly. While leaning up to take off my shirt he bit on my breasts and then he kissed my lips. The passion between us was so intense that the sexual chemistry was jumping from his body to mine. I wanted to lick him again, so Scott stood up taking off his shirt while I grabbed his balls. Cupping them in my hand I gave the balls a little tug and he liked it.

“Megan, get your ass up here,” Scott said. He smacked both of my ass cheeks hard leaving his hand prints. Picking me up I rode him like a horse. “Ahhh, Scott!” Wrapping my arms around him I was holding on as he thrusts upward into my gushy middle. We stared at one another and when Scott slowed down from pulsating my vagina, I drifted off in orgasmic bliss. Up in the air, my head tilted sideways as I closed my eyes. At that moment all was quiet. Then a few seconds later a wave came crashing down. Scott pulled my waist down on his cock and it got real loud.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yesss!” Unprepared for the biggest orgasm that I ever had in my life, my legs started to shake. Scott made sure that I felt the rush by bending me over on the bed. He fucked me as if he had caught me doing something very bad in his classroom. Punishing me from a pleasurable standpoint, he drills his cock and squeezes my butt popping me open. I can’t believe how much stamina Scott has. With his dick all the way inside he lays on my back kissing my neck. His hand reached around to my clit and Scott touched it setting my hot meter button on high. I love feeling Scott’s weight on me. “I want to see you bounce on my dick from behind,” Scott told me. Then he lays down on the bed and I climbed his tree.

Placing my feet on his legs I leaned my arms back with the help of Scott. “Fuck me Megan.” I bounced on him wanting to take more of his big cock. My pleasure spot swallowed him up and I couldn’t stop myself. I sucked my fingers and then I touched my clit while Scott pushed his log in deeper. The pussy massaging lasted so long that instead of Scott keeping up with me, I need to keep up with him. Cumming twice was not enough for Scott and it looks like I was going to be creaming all over again. Shaking my clit too fast I screamed out, “Yes Scott!” I think I gave a new meaning to the term female ejaculation because the juices flowed everywhere.

Dropping to my knees Scott’s load exploded on my face and I caressed his cock on my lips.My screaming continued as Scott pumped and pumped. He moaned while leaning me up pulling out his penis. Dropping to my knees Scott’s load exploded on my face and I caressed his cock on my lips. I looked up at Scott feeling completely satisfied. He had fucked me to the point where I forgot my own name. After helping me up he said, “Ms. Wildes, you were phenomenal.” I wobbled over to the bed flopping down like dead weight. Within minutes I fell asleep from a sex overload. Waking up from my nap I felt refreshed.

As I looked around the bedroom Scott was gone and I was cleaned up with my red shirt and panties on. Hopping out of bed I immediately ran downstairs but I didn’t see a car out front or Scott anywhere. Looking confused, I thought that it couldn’t be a dream because it felt way too real. I went back upstairs to lay on my bed and stare up at the ceiling. Maybe Mr. Johnson didn’t come over. Smelling food a few minutes later I slowly followed the scent into the kitchen. It was Mr. Johnson making me some breakfast. I grabbed a piece of bacon off of a plate. “Hey Mr. Johnson you kept those glasses up on your face the whole time.” “Ms. Wildes it does take some skill to keep them up.”

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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