The Curvy Special – An Erotic Bedtime Story With Audio

The Curvy Special: A male prostitute gets more than he expected

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Damien drives to his destination in a midnight blue Denali on his way to see a very special lady. During the trip he checks his bank account and slowly begins to smile. “I am in control,” he speaks to his self while looking in the rearview mirror. As he pulls up to the house the thought of what the woman might look like toys with his mind. He usually doesn’t pay too much attention to the superficial but this time it was different. For weeks he had been talking on the phone with a sultry voice which is something totally out of the norm. The two agreed not to send any pictures of one another so they can keep their engagement discreet.

Feeling a little nervous, Damien likes the fact that this female was keeping him on his toes. Knocking on the door, “Come in,” a voice said out loud. Standing by the sliding glass door in a see through lingerie outfit was a beautiful curvaceous brunette. Damien’s mouth slightly opens, “Damn,” he said. The guy begins to fantasize about all of the fun things he was going to do to her. Damien points his finger prior to approaching the woman, “Myra right?” He asks in an unsure manner. “Yes,” she replies in a sexy tone of voice. Needless to say the muscle bound man’s long pipe was getting stiff with each step he takes towards Myra.

His eyes zoom in on her large chest and then up to the buxom beauty’s face. “I hope you are not disappointed,” Myra said. She knew Damien was more than pleased with her. Even though he was the professional at meeting and greeting lots of women, Myra was no amateur. Within a few minutes of talking Myra pulls off Damien’s t-shirt and unbutton his pants. “Wait I thought you wanted to talk,” he comments. In heat, the brunette clarifies, “Yeah I said that until your black cock started to wave at me.” After getting him completely naked, she stands by the tall bold headed man.

Damien licks his lips, ready to feel the weight of those big tits in his mouth. Squeezing his muscles, her nipples get so hard that she releases them from their pretty flowery support. “Ahh, that is better,” she exhales. Damien licks his lips, ready to feel the weight of those big tits in his mouth. As one hand grabs at Myra’s jugs the other moves over her body. Wiggling down inside of her lingerie Damien feels on the lady’s clit and Myra gasps. Her pussy spits out yummy juiciness, lubing up his finger. The man removes his hand from Myra’s crouch to taste her wetness. “Oooh Damien,” the girl said anxiously. Placing his big hands on Myra’s voluptuous ass, the dark lover spanks her into the direction he wants her to go.

Since the sweet babe already had a bed setup a few feet away, Damien was eager to take advantage. “I want to fuck you so bad,” he tells her. A surge of sexual energy flows through Myra’s body. She immediately ties her hair back into a ponytail, ready to taste his cock. After she pushes him down Damien asks, “Can your cup catch my seed?” Nodding her head yes, Myra gentle caresses her admirer’s balls with her soft tits. “Mmmm, you are really getting that fat black dick hard right now.” Myra’s pussy throbs at the sound of Damien’s deep voice. Her mouth rushes to his big cock as if she was dying to chew on it.

Starting at the tip, Myra sucks and munches while twirling her tongue around. Then she slowly makes her way down to the base, forcing Damien to moan. Holding her position, she chokes on the joystick before releasing. On her way back up to the top she leaves a trail of slobbery wetness. “Damien my mouth is urging to feel your balls.” “Do that shit, suck on them,” Damien replies. As she strokes him good, her tongue flops around fast, getting under his nuts. “Yeah girl, right there,” he seductively whispers while pushing Myra’s head down. Once Damien’s head starts to tilt towards the sky she reaches for the baby oil that was on the floor. Afterwards, the lusciously stacked chick smothers his dick with her boobs.

Damien briefly opens his eyes to see the oil being poured as she moves her fun bags up and down. His pelvis leans up, thrusting in between her cleavage. “Oh yes fuck my chest,” she encourages him. With her chin firmly planted Myra opens her mouth again to receive Damien’s long pole. Through the slippery mountains and over the hills he travels to her warm verbal crevice. “Ohhh, oooh,” he expresses. Unable to take the gushy pie hole any further he stops Myra and pulls off her clothes. When she was naked, Damien lifts her up in the air, turns around, and takes down her hair as they kissed.

As the chocolate man intensely stares at Myra he fucks her hole. Better than a life size dildo, he bangs on her box, waiting to hear that special moan that all women usually make when he is on the job.He lies the woman down on the bed, “Now it’s my turn to dish out some of that pleasure.” She grabs on to his tattooed arms, holding her breath and looking up until he buries it inside of her. “Yes!” The bosom buddy couldn’t help but to yell out all of her desires. As the chocolate man intensely stares at Myra he fucks her hole. Better than a life size dildo, he bangs on her box, waiting to hear that special moan that all women usually make when he is on the job. “Oh Damien, yes you are an animal.” Sweat from the man’s bald head and chest drips down on Myra as the pounding continues.

Tightly, Myra’s pink box hugs Damien’s dick, “Oooh your pussy feels so damn good,” he proclaims. Trying his best to not give in to the warm hole he slows up his poking. Myra screams out moans from enjoying the long slow strokes. He pulls his dick out and slaps her clitoris with the head, making her shake a little bit. Then he spreads the brunette’s thick thighs, holding them down while his cock gently slides up and down in her wet opening. Damien wants to tease Myra to the point where she begs for his dick. Her pelvis moves in a gyrating motion, trying to ease his cock back into her pussy. Shaking his head no, “Nope not yet,” Damien insists. Myra huffs a bit but the guy wasn’t giving in until he hears the magic words.

“Uh, please fuck me.” It was as if those four words gave the tall guy the energy of a raging sexual bull. Placing her legs on his shoulders, he lifts up Myra’s lower body and has his way. Getting in balls deep, the busty brunette with lovely eyes pussy starts to squirt out on him. He pulls out once more only to see his meaty joystick covered with her creamy cum. She cleans him up with her tongue. “You are so fucking nasty,” Damien said. With his cock he spanks her tits as she lies down, holding them up. “Mmmm baby girl I need you to turn over for me,” Following his request, Myra lies on her stomach and Damien lifts her by the waist.

Getting into position, she backs her ass up on his pole. “You want this dick, don’t you?” Looking over her shoulder Myra responds, “Yes, oh yes.” He grabs her waist, forcefully pulling the woman into him. “Fuck me, yeah fuck me.” Damien demands. Myra pushes towards him, bouncing, as her lover leans back on the heel of his feet. The noises of hot seduction fill the room along with some impressive moans. Squeals in a nice rhythm appease the stud to the point where he lifts up a leg to plant his foot on the bed. He wasn’t about to cum without getting another stream flowing of Myra’s pussy juice. Grunting like a beast, he eases down slowly.

“Yes, oh yes.” He grabs her waist, forcefully pulling the woman into him. “Fuck me, yeah fuck me.” Damien demands“I must fuck the shit out of you,” he chants under his breath. Before long, Damien uses his weight to push Myra down on her stomach as he lies on top. Humping with no end in sight he grabs her wrists to hold, keeping the horny babe restrained. “Dame, Damien, ahhh” Myra gets tongue tied in the midst of her sexual wailing. There was so much fire between the two that they could melt at any minute. Damien moves her hair to one side so he could feast on her back. To him, Myra was like a vanilla cream cake with all of the right icing. His tongue slides from the back of the neck to the crack of her ass. She squirms, even giving off a flirty laugh when he bites her butt. Myra’s eyes were closed as she felt another hot load of vagina milk leaking out.

The squeezing of her pussy muscles including the high pitch sounds gave it away for Damien. His goal of giving Myra two orgasms before he gets one was complete. However, he still had another round to go. Leaning up for just a moment Damien spanks both of Myra’s ass cheeks, pulling her up. Then he lies down and tells his sweet heart, “Come ride this dick.” Straddling him backwards, she sits on his lap, grinding and bouncing. While watching her ass come back down, he grabs the brunette’s hair. “Who do you belong to?” Damien asks her as if he didn’t know what she was going to say. “Ahh, I belong to you!” Myra happily yells out her response.

Dominating every part of her, the dark hair beauty relinquishes control of her body. Damien helps Myra mount him properly by placing his hands under those enchanting thighs to raise her up and down. His big black cock nails Myra good with extreme upward thrusts that made her feel like she was on a boat floating away into an erotic abyss. Her shave pussy cat was taking in that hard plunger one pound at a time. With her big breasts jumping from the stiff action, Damien grabs at them. As the lap sitting came to a halt, he fingers Myra’s pussy, making her moan.

On the verge of letting the nut juice loose, Damien begins to push down on her waist. “Ah yes this pussy feels so.” The sexy professional let his hard bone run dry. Instead of pulling out his fountain so Myra can take a sip, he left it inside to paint her vagina with cum. Slowly moving the woman on his stick, he plays with her clit until she squirts. “Ahhh, no, fuck,” Myra blurts out. Hopping off the pole, she immediately squats on the bed, using all of her might to shoot back out Damien’s cum. After a glob of cum filled goodness drops, “Dick Them Down Damien” services were no longer needed. “Shit maybe I should pay you for sex,” he suggests.

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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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