The Holiday Bush – An Erotic Bedtime Story With Audio

The Holiday Bush: His wife gave him a threesome for Christmas

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This Christmas is going to be an exciting treat for my husband Warren. Although he has no idea what I have in store for him, I’m sure he will thoroughly enjoy it. As he walks inside I quietly watch him trying to sneak in my present that he had hiding in his car. Needless to say, that the surprise I got for him doesn’t have to be placed on a shelf, unless… never mind. “Hey love, what are you up to?” I ask Warren while pretending not to know what he was doing. He turns around, “Oh my, Mrs. Edwards what do we have here?” Warren’s lustful stare was so intense that it felt like my panties were coming down.

Slowly I walk over to him with a thick southern girl accent. “Why Mr. Warren I just wanted to give you your present before tomorrow.” Grabbing my lover by his hand I escort him to the couch as he chuckles at my attempt to sound like a southern belle. Kindly, I gestured for him to have a seat. “Don’t mind if I do Mrs. Edwards,” he tells me, mimicking my tone of voice. Standing off to the side I wanted my husband to see every part of me. From the green bow on my blonde hair, to the white knee high stockings that fit just right. Bending down, I look over my shoulder to see him biting his lip.

I could never contain my sexual energy when it comes to Warren. So, instead of holding in my libido I straddle him, trying to keep my pussy from being so wet. His dark beautiful eyes always seem to put me in a trance to where I had to feel his cock in one of my holes, if not all three. “To what do I owe the honor?” He asks me in a soothing deep voice. “Well I have something special in mind if you are willing to play along.” After kissing Warren on the cheek I push my bosom into his chest, distracting him from my next move. My hands made their way to the back of those pretty white panties I was wearing.

While one of Warren’s fingers was caressing my bra I pulled out a blindfold for him.While one of Warren’s fingers was caressing my bra I pulled out a blindfold for him. “What’s this?” Warren shockingly asks before kissing my neck. “Mr. Edwards, are you afraid?” Tilting my head to the side, he licks me like a melted candy bar. “How about we play the unwrapping game,” I told him. Once the statement was made I placed the blindfold over his eyes. When I tried to move, Warren grabs my arms tight pulling me closer to his face. “Mmm your lips taste like honey,” he proclaims. “Are you going to behave Mr. Edwards?” “Behave, I never behave,” he responds to me.

Finally able to get up from Warren, I stood, waiting to do a big reveal. “Mr. Edwards we will see about that today,” I boast. In that moment my husband’s present came out from behind the partition. She was a gorgeous brunette standing across from me wearing a Santa Clause hat. My eyes lit up at the two red bows on her tits. Although I expressed to her to be festive, I had no idea she was popping out like a sexy Saint Nikki. Calling her with my hand, she eases over and Warren hears the clacking of her high heel shoes. “Baby come on, sit on my face with your pretty pussy,” my lover suggests. The young beauty was standing in front of me and the feel of her black knee-highs was driving me wild.

Erin looks so delicious that my fingers couldn’t wait to touch her soft breasts. “Becca I’m anxious for your gift,” Warren said. “Ok love here it comes, but no peeking,” I informed him. Then I whispered in Erin’s ear to be very quiet. Before sitting down next to my husband I nibbled on her earlobes. When Erin lets out a heavy sigh it almost spoiled the surprise. “Becca are you touching yourself?” He asks me because of the heavy breathing. “I was baby but now I am touching you.” Playing it off, I begin to unbutton his shirt. “Oooh you have my undivided attention,” Warren said while smiling.

His broad shoulders and hunky chest were calling out to me and I happily answered. Licking him from left to right and nibbling on his pecks he grunts at me, reaching for my tits. In the midst of all of this Warren’s legs grew further apart to the point where he didn’t even notice Erin kneeling down in front of him. Not ready to let the threesome be known yet, I pulled back from Warren as Erin starts to play with his pants. Warren moans a little, wondering what I was going to do to him next. “Oooh Becca baby you are getting my cock really hard.” Erin gently fondles my lover and watching him being so turned on pleased me.

Licking his pole up and down, from my lips to hers and back again, this became our missionMy mouth fell open to lick on his chest again and Warren feels more than two hands. He attempts to take off his blindfold, “No Mr. Warren you have to cooperate.” Grinning from ear to ear, “Holy shit you are my world Mrs. Edwards,” he confesses. While I was taking off my bra Erin pulls out Warren’s cock. She kisses him down his shaft and then stops to give my tits a warm groping. The wet sounds and moans that was coming from us girls was too much for Mr. Edwards. He wanted to see what we were doing so bad that one of his hands was about to untie his blinder. “Ahh you ladies better not start without me.” When he didn’t get a response from me my hubby starts to sing our favorite blues song.

Erin and mine’s kisses grew louder as we tried to drown out the melody with sweet moans of our own. “You ladies are not playing fair,” Warren insists. After briefly laughing we slap our tongues up against each other, leading into a double team on Warren’s man meat. He was able to replace his singing with some deep groans. Licking his pole up and down, from my lips to hers and back again, this became our mission. Erin was lying comfortably on one end of the sofa and I on the other as the deep throating session continues. It was as if we were racing to see who can make Warren cum the fastest with our mouths.

“Oh well there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition,” I said while gagging. “Fuck Becks.” Warren was close to spilling his load when he called me by my nickname. Lucky for him it was not going to be that easy today. Gently, I tapped Erin on the shoulder for her to stop sucking. When she spits out his dick my poor hubby starts to shake from all of the excitement. Afterwards I nod to Erin so we could take it up a notch or two. When she took off his pants I was removing the blindfold along with his shirt. Completely naked, our tongues were eager to go everywhere on his body. Erin bit between Warren’s inner thighs and I was licking on his nipples down to the stomach.

He reaches out to grab my hair, “Thank you baby.” Warren said as he kisses me. For months we had been talking about bringing a hot chick into our home to have for the day. Coming across Erin in an online personal ad was the best thing I could have done for Warren. When she comes up for air the gorgeous brunette twists my nipples, making them feel really good. My eyes roll in the back of my head as sensual moans were bursting out of my body. Warren’s aggressiveness takes over by lifting Erin up to kiss her on the lips. He eases the chick down on his cock, giving his self a few tasty strokes of Erin’s sweetness before putting her back down.

Warren spreads Erin’s cheeks and dives in making her moan loud. The more he fucks Erin hard the faster she licks my pussy.During that same time I lied on the couch with my legs wide open, about to masturbate. I had to admit that I got off on seeing my husband fuck somebody else. He places her on the couch and she immediately crawls over to my pussy. With her ass up, Warren spreads Erin’s cheeks and dives in making her moan loud. The more he fucks Erin hard the faster she licks my pussy. In between the pounding, the beautiful gift would take breaks to moan and I was right there to hit the high notes as well.

Warren’s eyes were dead locked on me as he watches Erin lap up my vagina juices. Her fingers walk their selves into my pink hole, digging in and out. Kicking me into overdrive, one of my legs was on the couch and the other was on the floor. I leaned my pelvis up, trying to feed my pussy to Erin but it seemed like she never got enough. Gyrating, motioning, and moaning don’t stop to Erin only feeds into her ego. She didn’t miss a tongue thrust or twirl when it came to my wild antics of moving towards her mouth. In fact I think it charged her up even more. Our sexual train had left the station, picking up speed and wrapped inside of a lot of steam.

“Save some for me Mr. Edwards,” I blurted out. “Of course Mrs. Edwards I would never forget about you,” Warren replies. He slows down his pumps only to insert a finger into Erin’s asshole. Leaving the gift’s pussy satisfied, he stuffs her juicy cunt until Erin squeals from passion. Seeing that her mouth was open I took the opportunity to tongue kiss the young beauty until she cums. Warren’s dick was covered in Erin’s cream sauce which she licked off. Switching positions, my soul mate was sitting down on the couch waiting on my reverse cowgirl. “Yes Becca you know this is my favorite position.”

Bouncing on his dick, Erin wasted no time fingering my clit. “Yeah baby ride this cock,” Warren told me with a moan. The upward strokes he was given off were going deep inside of my pussy. As my head leans back, Erin kisses my lips, sucking on them for dear life. Playing with my nipples that had been hard from the beginning, I was eager for Saint Nikki to blow on them. “Tell me if I am naughty or nice,” I belted out. Erin looked at me, replying that I was both. Warren who was on the verge of cumming agreed, “Oh Mrs. Edwards you are always nice with a touch of naughtiness.” My body was preparing for a massive orgasm that was drawing near. Once more I looked towards the ceiling, “Santa please stay one more day,” I begged.

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  1. MaximumErotica January 8, 2019 | Reply

    This in an exceptionally hot story read in an even hotter voice ♥

  2. Laura January 9, 2019 | Reply

    OMG, this is the hottest story yet! I have listened to them all and its definitely my favorite one so far 🙂

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