The Pleasure Box – An Erotic Bedtime Story With Audio

The Pleasure Box: Masturbation and a sexy imagination make for a great fantasy

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Dominique was on the war path to please her hot vagina, especially since her boyfriend was out of town. While walking around the house with a gray t-shirt and a pair of panties on, she imagines her hot box taking in a huge cock. “There is nothing like a stiff piece of hard wood to start off the morning.” The slender beauty said. She gives off a seductive sigh, trying her best not to succumb to temptation. Failing miserably, the young chick’s vaginal hunger for something long and firm was taking over. That sexual inspiration leads the woman to her bedroom where she could find some release.

With a lusty libido a foot, the sexually frustrated babe sits on the side of the bed, yearning for a toy. Dominique looks over at the nightstand as her urge grows stronger. Digging inside of the drawer she grabs the right tool to satisfy her sexual restlessness. For starters, she thought a white wand will tickle her clit just right. However, the pink vibrator wasn’t a bad choice either. Biting her lip she looks at the self pleasing gadgets, trying to decide which one would be the best option. Her vagina jumps, pressuring the girl to hurry up. After she shrugs her shoulders, Dominique did the only logical thing in this situation.

“Both will do,” she said after grabbing them out of the drawer and easing on the bed. Scooting over to the middle of the mattress, Dominique takes a deep breath. Her mouth waters from the anxiousness to hand stroke her pussy into an orgasm. The young woman leans up to take her pretty cotton undies off but at the last minute she decides to go into the living room. The feel of a cold leather couch underneath her ass was much more satisfying than the bed. Besides, Dominique has a naughty habit of taking her masturbation sessions from one room to the other. On the couch, she begins the process of taking off her panties all over again.

Then the girl crosses her legs back and forth while showing off those sexy white ankle warmers.Around her waist, down the thighs and over the knees, Dominique’s legs lift up. Dropping her panties on the couch, she pushes them to the side with one foot. Then the girl crosses her legs back and forth while showing off those sexy white ankle warmers. Soft fingers move over Dominique’s lower legs and land on her thigs where she spreads them wide. Before playing with her toy she slides in a few fingers to set the mood. Lying back, she digs in and out of her sugar box. Sounds of wet noises coming from Dominique’s pussy entice her ears. When she opens her mouth deep breaths burst out. “Ah, oooh,” the horny chick said with desire.

Not able to wait one more minute, Dominique looks over to the side, yearning for her toy. Slowly she grabs the spinning wand and places it down between her pussy lips. The curly hair babe begins to make low naughty moan sounds as she pulls the wand in closer to her clit. “Ah yes that feels so good,” Dominique whispers. She closes her eyes and focuses on calming down that throbbing feeling. From one speed to another, the wand spins, stirring up her yummy juices. “Oh fuck me!” She yells while grabbing each of her tits. With the same hand Dominique pinches her puffy nipples until they get hard. Causing a ton of wet ruckus with the vibrator speed going from low to high, the sweet pussy vixen obliges her powerful desires.

While stimulating her hole with one hand she uses the other to grab her hair. “Ah, yes,” Dominique utters. Although she has a young lover to fantasize about, the dark angel decides to think of her best friend’s dad. “Oh Jack,” she whispers while imagining the older man licking her pussy. Dominique’s hand moves the round wand vibrator in a circular motion, causing her to jerk with an orgasmic thrill. Playing out her daddy fetish in her mind, “Oh no Mr. Jack what if your daughter comes in here?” “Then she would see me fuck her best friend ferociously,” Jack answers.

With her legs spread wide, Dominique’s vagina drips as the enticing pressure continues to press up against her clit. “Yes Jack, yes,” the girl speaks out loud. Her steamy visions went from being fucked by the man to getting spanked. Jack calls out to Dominique, “Get over here, you’ve been a very bad girl,” he said. Acting timid, she slowly walks over and he squeezes her ass cheeks. As the wand thrusts inside of the girl’s vaginal opening she gasps. Going back into her thoughts, “Mr. Jack are you going to punish me hard?” Dominique asks in a cute baby voice. The topless hunky older man nods his head and demands she lay across his knee.

After sitting her pussy trembling device down she lies back with one leg slightly parted. The woman’s fingers engage in poking her hot vagina to where she spreads those smooth legs again.In the day dream Mr. Jack’s hand pulls all the way back and when it reaches her ass she lets out a fiery moan. Removing the toy from her honey box, “Oooh yes, please.” Dominique’s warm muff uncontrollably lets out a pool of sweet juice. “Ah!” The hot chick shouts. Her body temperature continues to rise which makes the horny female take off her shirt. After sitting her pussy trembling device down she lies back with one leg slightly parted. The woman’s fingers engage in poking her hot vagina to where she spreads those smooth legs again. Using one hand to gently caress her clit, the brown eye girl shoves two fingers inside with the other. “Ah!” She squawks while listening to the wet noises coming from her cunt.

Sensually dipping in and out of her pussy, Dominique gets so excited that she lifts one of her legs higher than the other. Visualizing Jack’s long dick inside of her tight snatch, the petite beauty speeds up the finger poking. “Ah yes ah,” the woman moans. Her seduction comes to a brief splashy stop and the pretty girl poses for Jack like a dirty little cum slut. Bending over on the couch, she puts her head down in the seat and spreads her ass cheeks. After wiggling her hips around she continues with the pretend photo shoot. In a split second she sits up on all fours, “Mr. Jack, this pussy is all yours.” She states.

Then the lovely girl slips on her panties and decides to set up her camera to take a just in case picture. If Dominique ever gets the nerve, she might send a couple of pictures to Mr. Jack. She leans over to the left, grabbing her second toy. “Mm, this will feed my craving,” she tells herself. Eager to feel a pumping force inside of her slippery box, the nasty young lady pulls her panties to the side. Licking her lips, Dominique shoves the pussy pleaser up her vagina. She moves the vibrator in and out while twisting it deep inside. Thrusting hard to the point where her panties were falling down, she moans. “Yes, oh yes!” Once she removes her panties again, the hard nipple dame stands the pink gadget straight up in between her pussy lips.

Wanting to feel all of the ridges of the toy, she takes off the soft jelly covering. Dominique proceeds to playing hide the sausage by holding on to the couch and the vibrator. Bouncing her pussy downward causes Dominique’s vaginal fluids to stream all over the toy. The woman wails in an erotic bliss, allowing herself to over indulge in her masturbation. It was as if the vixen was driven to keep going despite the extensive orgasms she was experiencing. She pops her pussy on the stiff cock, turning up the speed to the pink pecker. The brunette licks her lips from the vaginal joy as it devours the toy inside of her scrumptious hole. “Yes, yes,” Dominique moans.

Once again she hides her head in the pillows, determined to reach an all-time sexual high. The sound of the vibrator muffles as her hand forces the toy to dive in deep. Going in and out, the female pummels her pussy until the sweet hole fills with cum. For a brief moment she leaves her love hole plugged up with the vibrator. So much cum was inside of Dominique that it pushes the adult device out of her vagina. The nasty seducer jiggles her ass around a bit, catching the pleasure filled tool before it falls out of her vulva.

Setting the toy aside, her fingers make their way to that perky clit. Caressing and dabbling, she finger fucks herself before stuffing the hot spot.Quickly, she pulls it out and sticks it in her mouth. Moaning, the naked doll closes her eyes and mumbles, “Oh Jack, fuck my mouth.” After she slobs all over the cock her aching pussy contracts, ready for another dose of vagina drilling. Setting the toy aside, her fingers make their way to that perky clit. Caressing and dabbling, she finger fucks herself before stuffing the hot spot. Lathering up each finger with milky cream, Dominique takes them out and licks every inch clean. Switching positions, she lies on her back and dips the pink vibrator into her cunt. While that toy was snugged inside the wand was making its way around her clit.

One of her legs stretches out to the top of the couch as she shakes from the extreme gratification. Still wanting more, the sexy girl holds her legs up and screams in an erotically gleeful manner. Sweat covers Dominique’s chest, passing over her tits and dripping off the nipples. She takes it even further by slipping in the wand along with the other toy inside of her cunt. “Oh!” Tears fill Dominique’s eyes from the massive climax she was achieving. Loud womanly howls blurt out continuously until Dominique’s voice starts to crack.

In a rush, she pulls both of the adult tools out and shakes from every limb. “Oh fuck!” “Oh fuck!” She yells over and over, trying to calm herself down. It definitely took a lot out of the girl to cum like a non-stop faucet with a heavy stream. Lying still on the couch, she gathers up her strength and the phone rings. Catching the young woman off guard, “Hello,” she answers out of breath. Her boyfriend was on the other end waiting to pull on his dick with his lady listening. “Hey baby I miss you,” the guy tells her. After he expresses his reason for checking in Dominique replies. “Well, I guess I better not keep my bed waiting.”

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Credits for: The Pleasure Box
Written and Recorded exclusively for Maximum Erotica by: Amazinglyflawed
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Written by: Amazinglyflawed

I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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    This erotic bedtime story has a young girl fantasizing about her best friends dad. Very hot!

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