The Roommate Mashup – An Erotic Bedtime Story

The Roommate Mashup: These roomies have found a new toy

Madison was in the kitchen messing with her phone when Diane walked in the room. She immediately placed her phone in her back pocket. “Maddie what are you up to,” Diane asked. “Oh nothing you would be interested in,” she replied. Diane grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and then she got herself some water. Madison’s phone starts beeping and she quickly pulls it back out. Giggling just a little bit, her big smile made Diane even more curious. Madison sat down at the kitchen table texting her new friend.

“So Maddie when am I going to meet this new guy you’ve been lusting after?” “Well he is coming over later on but I thought you had to work?” Diane told Madison that she was thinking about playing hooky today. “Diane you never miss work,” her roommate acknowledged. As the phone beeps again Diane grabs it out of her hand. “Oh, so this is what all of the fuss is about.” She had an intimate picture of her new friend that really caught Diane’s eye. “I know D I shouldn’t send naked photos over the phone.” Diane thought for a moment what would his cock feel like in her mouth. Even though Madison was a few years younger than her housemate, Diane enjoyed the younger perks that came with sharing.

“If you want to send naughty pictures to your new friend I could help with that.” “Wow D, are you feeling alright?” Madison asked her friend as she felt her forehead. Diane pulled away smiling, “Hey I am not that up tight.” “Oh no, ok well then let me take a picture of your voluptuous tits?” Madison aimed her phone at Diane’s full chest as she opened up the deep v cut in her dress. Diane humored Madison by grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together. She posed for the camera as Madison acted like a photographer in heat. “Oh yeah baby that’s it show me those big jugs,” she said in a funny tone.

The new model was motivated so much that she opens up her bra showing off her perfect chest.As the two ladies were really getting into character, the top part of Diane’s dress was wide open. Exposing her royal blue bra Madison continued to snap away as Diane pretended to look shocked. Her fingers gently slide across the outer lining of Diane’s bra. The new model was motivated so much that she opens up her bra showing off her perfect chest. Madison paused for a moment mesmerized by her cleavage. She cleared her throat while slowly lowering her phone. “Madison what’s wrong?” “Nothing,” she replied.

Seeing Diane’s tits turned her on and as Madison got closer to Diane the doorbell rings. She wanted to tell her roommate something but was conveniently interrupted. The roomies have an interesting dynamic with each other. “I’ll get it,” Madison said happily. Opening up the door, her new sexy friend was standing on the outside holding a few bags. “Hey babe,” the guy said. Madison kissed her friend on the lips while Diane was walking into the living room. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Diane said. “Don’t be silly D this is my new friend Jason.” Madison introduced the two of them as he walked inside of the home. Diane slowly walked over to Jason and his eyes got big.

She grabbed one of the bags and told him seductively, “Follow me.” Jason licks his lips as Madison grabbed one of the other bags. After the pleasantries were out the way the three of them took the bags into the kitchen. Jason whispered in Madison’s ear. “You were right your roommate is hot.” “Jason you could sit the bags over there,” Diane pointed. After they put the bags down Jason grabbed Madison and kissed her on her forehead. “I guess I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone now.” Jason told Diane that they wouldn’t mind if she hung out with them. “Yeah come on D, since you are playing hooky today you might as well go all the way,” Madison added.

The three of them went back into the living room and Diane thought Jason was very attractive. He looked at both of the women with lust in his eyes. Within a matter of minutes his bulge was showing. Madison and Diane were turned on but only Madison showed it, at least at first. She grabs his cock, pulling him towards her as they begin to kiss. Diane wanted to look away but watching the two of them kissing was very sexy. “It’s getting a little warm in here,” Madison said. “How about we play a drinking game called blackout,” the young roomie suggested. She walked over to the table, grabbed a blindfold, and placed it on Jason’s face. Then Madison unzips his pants, pulling out his hard cock.

Jason begins to moan holding a fist full of long hair.Then Madison unzips his pants, pulling out his hard cock.He couldn’t take the wet deep throat, the tongue twirling around his tip, or the slurping. When he felt his long member being sandwiched in between some soft big breasts Jason immediately took the blindfold off. Until that moment he thought Madison was munching on his dick. But he was surprised to find Diane nibbling on his cock. “What is going on in here?” Madison asked the two of them. Jason looked at his new girlfriend not knowing what to say.

One minute they were about to play a game and the next minute his girlfriend’s roommate was licking his balls. Jason thought Madison must have left after placing the blindfold on him. “Madison I can explain,” he said. The frown on her face quickly disappeared along with her shirt. Diane was still licking his hard stick when she pulled Madison closer by her pants. Jason’s eyes got big again as he realized that he is the drink that the women are going to get drunk on. The ladies helped him out of his clothes and sat him down on the chaise. Then they took off their remaining clothes and kneeled down to lick Jason’s cock.

He had never been with two women at the same time and he was eager to please. Taking turns licking him like a shared popsicle, the women’s tongues met which led to a kiss. Jason was more than ready to insert his penis in some juicy vaginas. When he leaned up he engaged in a three way kiss with the women. Standing up, they made their way over to the rug on the floor. Jason grabbed Madison by the hand pulling her down so he could eat her pussy. With her legs spread apart, Jason’s face was firmly planted in her apple pie. While he was tongue kissing one set of Madison’s lips Diane was kissing the other. “Oh yes, fucking lick my pussy!”

Madison was in heat waiting for Jason’s big cock to fill her hole. Diane moves down towards the action to guide Jason’s dick into the sweet vulva. Once he was in, Madison moans loud. Diane watches, playing with her pussy as Jason fucks Madison in front of her. “Oh yeah fuck her good,” Diane said. She bends over licking on Madison’s tits. Jason leans back while still stroking Madison’s pussy to look at Diane’s ass. The intense pleasure made Madison’s hot spot very creamy. Jason slows up inside of her, pulling out as he licks her again. Diane gets on top of Madison as the ladies appear to be more interested in one another than Jason at that moment.

The younger roommate’s fingers slowly find their way to Diane’s clit. Brisk clit motions along with a hard cock proves to be too much for the woman.However, Jason was able to quickly get their attention. He enters into Diane’s fuck spot and bangs her pussy as fast as his growing erection. Diane yells out while Madison was kissing her neck. Mashed in between the young couple Diane begins to cum on Jason’s penis. “Oh, oh yeah fuck me faster.” A surge of energy flowed through Jason’s body. Pumping faster, he gives Diane just what she asked for. “Yes Jason, yes,” Diane mumbles as Madison continues to kiss her on the lips. The younger roommate’s fingers slowly find their way to Diane’s clit. Brisk clit motions along with a hard cock proves to be too much for the woman.

Cumming all over Jason’s dick again, the wetness drips down to Madison’s fingers. Sticking them in her mouth Madison tells Diane, “Your pussy taste so sweet.” The ongoing sex session was on fire and getting hotter with every movement. Jason wanted to drain Madison some more. So he lied down on the floor, “Madison I want you to ride me.” Straddling him backwards, Diane helps Madison bounce on Jason’s pole. “Oh Madison, your pussy feels so good.” While he grips his girlfriend’s nice ass, Diane takes it upon herself to repay Madison with a finger intrusion. Leaning back with both of her hands placed on Jason’s chest Madison gasps. Moans grow increasingly louder as the perky breast lady slowly bounced up and down.

Diane kisses Madison’s leg, dangling her clit around. In fact, she wanted Madison to ejaculate so she could taste her juices. Biting on her roommate’s inner thigh, Diane makes Madison’s leg shake. Jason’s hands were wrapped around the small waist beauty pulling her pelvis down on him hard. He lifts Madison up slightly with his long cock following, pushing inside of her. The feeling was sexually overpowering to the young woman that she released into an explosive climax.

The three lovers slumped down on the floor holding one another. Out of breath Madison asked Diane was she through playing hooky. “Yeah I am finished,” she replied. Jason looked at both of the women and he asked, “What’s this hooky that you speak of?” The ladies laughed and Madison told him that he would see next week. In their role fantasy play the roommates love to seduce handsome victims. They would seek out gorgeous suitors, invite them over, and act out their desires. The men usually had no clue that they were going to be apart of the roommates’ sex game. However, they may retire their other suitors for a while since Jason seems to keep up with the women’s sexual appetites.

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I am a freelance writer with 5 years experience in the business. I have worked with content mill companies, individuals, and websites. Everything from short erotic tales, to articles, along with ghostwriting has been amazing. What inspires me the most is the beauty in being "Flawed" and writing about it.

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