The Vacation Rubdown – An Erotic Bedtime Story

The Vacation Rubdown: Her masseuse takes it to a whole new level

Waiting patiently in a massage tent, Harper couldn’t believe that her friends booked her a short stay at a resort. The much needed R&R had driven the golden brown hair babe into anticipated bliss. Thinking back over the past few days, Harper was sad that her trip was coming to an end. Her first day was filled with sexy waiters accommodating her every whim, compliments of her girlfriends. Drinking mojitos, champagne, and eating tasty fruits came with the vacation package. Every day was like a new adventure that she had to explore. In fact the resort was so perfect that she even thought about relocating.

While sitting by the beach, a waiter brought her a drink and suggested that she get a farewell massage. Standing around in the tent she was feeling just as carefree as her flowy sun dress. Pulling the top portion down, she exposes her chest. Harper’s hands begin to gently touch her nipples and it dawned on her how long it’s been since they were fondled. Twirling around in her dress, Harper wiggles her ass around while slipping off her clothes. After the dress falls to the floor, she slowly pulls down her pink panties. Bending down, she was showing off her perfect ass to an imaginary lover.

Not knowing that she was being watched by the masseuse the whole time. “Excuse me miss,” the guy said startling Harper. She quickly turns around to his voice and grabs her dress to cover her nakedness. The hot stud walks towards her wearing black pants and no shirt, “I am your masseuse for the afternoon.” He takes one of his hands and places it on top of hers to lower it down. “You don’t have to be afraid,” the guy said as her dress hits the ground again. Then he extends his arm towards the table and Harper quietly gets on. Unsure of what to do the guy asks her to lie down on her stomach.

With the oils not too far away, he pours them on her back and begins to rubWith the oils not too far away, he pours them on her back and begins to rub. “Mmm, that feels so good,” Harper mumbles. Her eyes close for a few moments and when she opens them back up the guy was standing at the head of the massage table. Feeling like she was about to melt she ask him, “What’s your name?” “Um, well my name is Rafael.” Harper thought to herself the guy’s name is as sexy as his looks. “So this is your first time at the resort, no?” She answers him by asking, “Is it that obvious?” Rafael leans down to speak into Harper’s ear. “I would have definitely remembered you from before.”

Trying to contain her smile she bites on her lip. “You probably say that to all of the women.” The tall piece of eye candy makes his way down to her ass, “Yes I’ll admit I do tell all of the women that.” Then he squeezes Harper’s ass cheeks open and said, “But with you I mean it.” Raising her head up, she looks back at him as her pussy starts to drip. Rafael splashes oil on her supple buns prior to walking his fingers down the back of her thighs. “How does that feel?” He asks the young woman while his hands grab her feet. “Oooh, Rafael that feels so.” Harper couldn’t even finish her sentence.

He starts to lift up her lower legs, bending them to her back one by one. The hot guy kisses her calf muscles, forcing her to sit up on her elbows. “So do you kiss on all of your clients?” Harper lies back down and waits for his response. The yummy man sucks on her toes and Harper’s pussy walls contract. “I’m just giving you a well-rounded massage.” Rafael’s mouth munches upward, reaching the middle of Harper’s juicy private parts. He spreads her legs, grips her ass, and licks from the vagina to the anus. “Ah, I can’t.” Hesitant, Harper gets tongue tied with her words as she softly moans. She thought to herself is this really happening. Perking up her lovely tail, the sexy traveler pushed back on Rafael’s tongue.

“Oh, oooh, yes,” she yells out. Shoving it in, the dark hair stud drinks her pussy until Harper almost lost her nerve. Suddenly he stops and tells her to turn on her back. Grabbing more oil, he lathers up her tits, giving them attention. Making gentle circles around her nipples Rafael causes his client to moan. The pressure was mounting in Harper’s genitals and she couldn’t help but to reach over and grab his pants. “Take these off,” she told him forcefully. Complying with his customer’s demand, he releases his big dick. Shortly after, he places one hand on her chest and the other on her inner thigh.

Rafael joins her on the table as he eases his penis insideThe soothing motion was so relaxing that Harper’s feet fell sideways away from each other. She strokes up on his pole as it was standing rock hard. Mimicking the circle pleasure, Harper squeezes the head of Rafael’s cock, twisting it. The naughty brute let out an erotic grunt and then he travels down south again to lick her pussy. Treating her wet box like a delicious appetizer his hands clutches her thighs, pulling them closer to him. Each dip between her vagina walls only make Harper hornier. She gyrates slowly, ready for her hole to be filled with an overflow of cock. Rafael joins her on the table as he eases his penis inside.

Holding her breath, she didn’t exhale until she felt his stiff dick. Her hands wraps around his shoulders and then they slide down on his tattooed arms. The tanned guy gives her a sensual kiss. Thrusting deeper, she pulls away from his lips in order to wail seductively. Rafael bites on Harper’s neck and she rubs her fingers through his hair. Gasping, the chemistry between the two of them gushes out in the form of their sweat. “Oh fuck!” Harper stops moving for a minute to look at Rafael whose eyes were closed. It was like she was in disbelief that this man was on top of her caressing her body from the inside out. Not able to hold it in, she moans yet again.

“Am I satisfying you?” He asks Harper, not wanting to assume he was hitting all of the right spots. Quickly, she nods her head yes as her eyes roll in the back of her head. “Ahhhh, oh,” the client squeaks out. Rafael grinds her slow by moving his pelvis in a circle up motion. The sensation was beyond orgasmic to where Harper was salivating out the corners of her mouth. Her lover’s mouth opens wide to stuff as much bosom in it as possible. Harper’s head looks down at Rafael and then back up to the sky where she could see the clouds. The serene view heightens the situation forcing Harper to cum.

“Oh shit!” She holds him tight while screaming to him “fuck me harder”. Her legs grew wider and Rafael humps faster. Harper squeezes his ass, spanking it a few times. He picks her up off of the table to pump her pussy in the air for a few strokes. Afterwards, the stud lies on his back with Harper just off to the side. She holds his cock, taking it into her mouth. Her tongue ring touches the tip of his cock and the handsome man moans. Rolling it around, she deep throats him down to the base of his penis. Rafael helps Harper with his joystick by gently pushing her head down.

Holding it, he shoots his hot load into her mouth. When she comes back up her jaws are full of creamy milkHolding it, he shoots his hot load into her mouth. When she comes back up her jaws are full of creamy milk. Tilting her head back, she gets real nasty by gargling with his cum. Rafael’s eyebrows went up and his cock continued to stay hard. “Oh shit,” he said after she swallowed. Not finished with his client, he sits up and puts her on his lap. “Ride me with your tight wet pussy.” Straddling him, her vagina slides down his pole and she pounces. Using his chest for balance, she moves her hips. At the same time he grips her ass to push down her sweet pelvis. The long stick pokes in and out bouncing Harper up. She smiles, enjoying the pussy throbbing joyride. “Fuck my pink box!”

Jiggling from all of the high pace movements, she shakes her hair out of her face and lies on his chest. Licking him from his chest to his neck and eventually his lips, the couple kiss. Leaning back up, she looks over one of her shoulders as her vagina drowns his meaty cock. “I want you from behind,” Rafael said. Slowing her sexual posture, she turns around and sits back down on his lap. “You just want to see my ass, don’t you?” “I thought you knew,” he responds. Sitting up, Rafael kisses her back and squeezes her tits. Asking her to get on her knees, he grabs the last bit of oil. Rubbing it on Harper’s ass Rafael spreads her cheeks.

Tasting her anus before insertion he licks it slowly, lunging his tongue in deeper. Harper cries out in passion as his finger dives in her anal hole. Following the intimate digging, he drills her pussy. The pleasure sounds of his balls slapping up against her clit and gushy juices splashing made him a semen time bomb. Coming to the brink of his last bang, the hot masseuse devours Harper into ecstasy. Her fingers curl as the plunging sends her over the top. About to release her warm fluid for the third time, Harper moans loud. At that moment Rafael pulls out of her vagina only to fuck her ass. Screaming with delight, “Yeah, oh yes!” Harper pushes her ass back on his big woody like her anus was craving it.

He reaches in front of her and over a thigh to play with her kitty kat. The alluring out-of-towner yells at Rafael that she is about to explode. He focusses on pleasing her with every plunge that he makes. “I’m cumming!” She blurts the words out as the cum slides from her vagina and butt. When Rafael felt the cream from her ass touch his cock it rendered him helpless. He groans loud, squeezing her bottom until he releases the wet dragon. Harper’s rosebud was filled with so much cum that it starts to ooze out in quarter size droplets. Exhausted and satisfied, there was only one thing left for Harper to say, “I think I’ll stay another two days.”

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